Thursday, April 22, 2010

Quickly Becoming a Favorite Spot

I snapped this photo as a
preview of some of the things
that will be in the etsy store
sometime in the near future.
But I have found myself sitting in this chair pretty often lately,
enjoying the huge window
and my rose bushes just outside.

And yes, Mom, that IS a Clarice Cliff plate and I am most definitely keeping it!


Keri said...

What's in the window? It's hard to tell b/c of the sunlight. It looks like a play kitchen...

ness said...

it is a play kitchen. If you scroll down the blog on the left hand side, you can see it in my flikr pics.

It's all totally temporary...but it's all still sitting here two weeks later....

Amy Hadley said...

The chair matches your blog wallpaper! I think it's a sign. You should keep it. I ♥ channel back wingbacks.

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