Thursday, April 22, 2010

We Are The Champions....or not.

The other day, the kids thought it was hilarious when I sang "We Are the Champions" at the top of my lungs into the pancake flipper because there were no ants in the kitchen that morning.

Charleigh informed me today, "I don't think we are the winners now, Mom." 


TheDorothyFamily said...

I too have ants, but don't have such eloquent stories of them as you:) However, I have found this to work: Mix Mule Team Borax and powered sugar, then sprinkle in the areas the ants travel. For me it's largely around the kitchen faucet, dishwasher area. They trek in the mixture, take it back to their "nest" (or colony, or whatever they call it) and....die. I have had to repeat this but it works without using "other" chemical agents. Good Luck!

Life with Kaishon said...

You are always a champion in my book. Ants or not :)

Kaishon has been taking little scraps of outside every night to FEED THE ANTS in the grass.

I need to beat that kid? Who does that?

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