Monday, August 20, 2007



Here's another goodbye we said this weekend. That's right...we have dissasembled the crib. I had been holding off on doing this until Charleigh was potty trained, but since she evidently intends to wear a pull-up until her high-school graduation, I just went and bought a vinyl mattress cover for the big girl bunk.

Of course, I know all about what happens when you sell the crib and you can be sure their will be no nookie around here until I'm convinced the baby-voodoo is past. I'm having a garage sale and getting rid of all the damn sippy cups while I'm at it. If we're gonna do this, we're gonna do it big time.
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Amber said...

Hey, Can I add some stuff to your garage sale?! I've got crap I need to get rid of.

:D Hopefully, it's crap people, or the Salvation Army, will want.

courtney said...

I was so very sad to take down Dora's crib too. Now I look around our little apartment and try to figure out if I can put it up somewhere around here...with very little luck, I might add.

A said...

So, Robb joining the "V" club soon?

courtney said...

wow, A, you're just full of yucky comments today, huh?

farczk: see "Aaron"

ness said...

hey...The V club is fine by me!

but please don't shoot my birdies,A.

Down, Court...I'm okay.

Amber, you betcha...bring it on over..the more the merrier!

courtney said...

what? A knows I'm kidding...and look at his comments today---snippage and eating birds--not exactly the softer side

Heidi said...

I cried when I took down the crib. Of course I had just had a was very cathartic though. I think the kids cried harder than I did.

I cried when I put the crib back up...I was picturing all those sleepless nights = )

A said...

I won't shoot your birdies, just other birdies. Really, you have to try dove gumbo. It is good stuff.

And one of you needs to save the crib cause someday (not today, or tomorrow . . . ) we might need to borrow one, since my wife won't let me anywhere near the "v" club yet.

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