Monday, August 20, 2007



And here's a goodbye shot of Uncle Pookie himself, the man and the legend. Despite all the man-crushes my guy friends have on him, and all the great times we've had in the last four months, it's back to sucky corporate jobs and all his hot, beautiful friends in Houston for him. I give him full marks for making a stab at a life of creativity, but extentuating people and circumstances prevented him from following that path any further. I am still in denial about his leaving and will need to come up with some funny joke to cover my true, very blue, feelings about it because that is what my brother would do, and and dang it, he's cool.
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Ron said...

You promised me a herum of 80 virgins when I arrived in paradise... then the virgins all reunited with their boyfriends, joined the Peace Corp or became Nuns... I need to convert to another religion. I love you Ness... best 3 months I've had in a long time - thank you. I'm lucky to have you, court and ash as sisters.

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