Wednesday, February 21, 2007


So today is Ash Wednesday and I have decided to give up beer for Lent.

Last year was my first year of celebrating Lent...I gave up Ebay. It was a great experience and one that benefitted me much, so I decided to do it again this year. In fact, I imagine I will always recognize it from now on...I like traditions.

I don't actually drink much beer, comparatively speaking. But if there is some in the fridge and we have tacos or pizza, I like it. The reason that I decided to give it up, though, is that since we started having the freedom to drink, I haven't really said "no" to one. I have the freedom, so I've been using it. But I was struck by something in Robb's sermon a few weeks ago about how we can practice sexual purity by in giving up one physical pleasure, we prove to our bodies that we don't need to give in to every appetite. While I was lying awake last Friday night (from 2 until 6:30...ugh)...I started to think about how undisciplined I have become, especially in comparison to my growing up and college years when everything was very regimented and pleasure was not something I was allowed to pursue. It always surprises my kids when I tell them that it is harder to be good when you are a grown up because you have to make yourself do the right thing.

So that is why I decided on beer, of all's a little thing, I know. But a good step of discipline.


courtney said...

I would just like to speak out for the baking community to all of you out there that have given up sweets for Lent.....STOP IT!!!!!! This is how I feed my family, you can't just stop eating pastries!

okay, got that one out of my system :) I feel better.

tammi said...

Hey, I think I'll give up beer for Lent too.
Oh, wait.
Blasted pregnancy. I swear everytime I pregnant I crave beer MORE than I do when I'm not. When I have that baby, Steve-0 will be wheeling a cooler into the hospital filled to the brim with icy Corona.

And a side of hotwings.

akr said...

It's honestly a great challange...I'm trying to think of what I would do.

I can't do wine because I already gave that up when we moved to this church...and the pregnancy thing of course.

Choclate is an option...though again, with pregnancy I actually don't like it as much. Food in general is not my that's out.

I would like to give up cleaning or laundry but that wouldn't really fly.

I am actually thinking about giving up daytime's not that I'm addicted to it as much as it becomes background noise. It gets quiet but instead of putting in a cd or something it's easier to turn on. I'm thinking it through...It's a really good exercise to practice.

Heidi said...

I had the same problem giving up beer this last pregnancy. When Tim would crack one open I would steal it so I could take a healthy wiff before it disappeared.

This will be my first time to observe lent. I think its kinda cool. Pastries aren't on my list = ) Wouldn't want that cute little pastry shop around the corner to go out of business!

courtney said...

Bless you, Heidi. The goddess of refined flour thanks you :)
At least a little beer is good for you AFTER the pregnancy. My father in law (an OB) brought me a 6 pack of lager the day I came home from the grossed me out though.

klasieprof said...

Thankfully you didn't say wine or I'd have to slap you when I got down there.
Ok, I"m thinking about what to give up for lent. Because of being in the hospital and all I've had to give up a LOT of stuff--nuts, peas, skins,anything with a seed in it.
and..when does it exactly end? sorry I'm not much into knowing about Lent.

the new "coffee" house we've gone to has 2 layers of "members". One is normal the "leadership" has to sign a covenant of no alcohol consumption. It just reminded me of the Jerk Pastor's "LEVELS" of membership. Give up wine?? I can't afford as much as I want now!! Actually I gave up Wine a Lot in lieu of Cable tv. I know that sounds weird but 5 bottles wine a month = month $ of Cable tv.

A said...

I'm giving up time on our treadmill for lent. It is a real sacrifice.

A said...

Oh, and there's plenty of beer in my fridge, so all of you who aren't giving it up, c'mon over!

ness said...

Pregnancy is like a fast all by itself...

Yes, Donna, I didn't say wine. Always observant, aren't you? Wine is for celebration, beer is for sweatpants and eating things that are terrible for hotwings...mmmmmm....

Wouldn't dream of giving up sweets for Lent...had a bowl of popcorn and peanut m&m's last night....also yummy.

Lent ends on Easter, fyi. You could give up cable for Lent. : )

A, that's very good of least I'll have someone to practice my discipline with since Robb joined me in giving up beer.

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