Tuesday, February 20, 2007

I'm out of bubble wrap

...can't imagine why. I had a booger of a time with these....from a stand mixer to 4 pieces of Capodimonte, which are awful to wrap....I'm out of bubble wrap, saran wrap, packing peanuts and almost out of tape.

Ugh....just got paid for another item....gotta get it done before the mailman comes to pick 'em up.

I'd rather be playing outside.


Amber said...

When you come across another stand mixer, let me know! I've been needing one for about 5 years now....


ness said...

oh shoot...I sold that one for like 5 bucks...(got it for three though ; ) I'm on it!

Mom Mattocks said...

Amber if you are serious, I have a Sunbeam with two stainless steel mixing bowls, nice beaters and a dough hook, and if I look real close, I bet I could come up with the original cook book that came with it......only disadvantage might be that it is about ten years old and I am in good ole Pennsylvania..

Ness's Mom

sara said...

I've got some peanuts for you..

Amber said...

Um... who's up for a road trip to good ol' Pennsylvania?! :)

I don't mind a ten year old mixer. That means that it's been worn in! Thanks for the offer!!

Hey Ness, when you going to visit your momma next?!! ;)

Mom Mattocks said...

Amber, dear, if you want to pay for the shipping, I will be more than glad to send it to you.....that would be so much cheaper than a road trip up here, especially since we are getting more snow even as I type.

Mom Mattocks

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