Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Giving up Ebay for Lent

There is a family story about Robb's Grandma Ryerse. The first time she rode in a airplane, she was quite nervous. When the plane landed safely, as the story goes, she said, "I never put my full weight down in the seat."

It's such a funny story...that prim, birdlike woman thinking that if she just held herself up, the plane would somehow not crash.

I've been doing the same thing.

I'll just hold us up by trying harder and working longer hours and this household won't crash.

God has been dealing with me...gently, but also firmly. I'm going to sit down and put my faith in God to hold us up and not let us crash.

So out of faith, I'm giving up ebay for Lent....sortof. I am limiting myself to 40 items a week instead of 70. I never gave up anything for Lent before and never saw the need or value in it before. But, this year, I see it as an opportunity to express my faith in God and also my submission to Him....I will not hold back anything from Him. It may seem that I have already given up enough for Him in this year, but it's not enough. He deserves better from me. I'm confessing this publicly asking that you pray for me to be faithful in making a change that I need to make.

Death to my superwhatever.


mukeyjoy said...

Hey, I am giving up sweets for lent! You pray for me and I'll pray for you. (I don't usually do lent either - just trying to honor God w/ my body.....and if I lose weight double bonus!)

ness said...

I'd have to attain a whole other level of Godliness to give up sweets : ) Oh yes, you will be prayed for!

A said...

Thanks for the continual links and support of the much maligned "superwhatever" thread.

Elizabeth said...

That's really cool, Vanessa. I respect that a lot!

Anonymous said...

I want everyone to know that Mom's coment about her airplane ride was met with histerical laughter by her children, at least her sons.

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