Tuesday, February 28, 2006

A Little Blessing

I call my mom when I get really nuts and just need to vent. She's great about just listening and saying "Oh yes, Honey, that's totally normal" and "Don't be so hard on yourself" and "You are a great Mommy, don't worry so much" and things like that. The other thing she is really good at is telling us that she will pray for us to have a little blessing....some little thing that is so unique to us, so tailored to our hearts, that it must be a hug straight from God. I knew that when we hung up today (and I was still blubbering) that she would be asking God for a blessing for me.

A couple hours later, she called again. Two phone calls from Mom in one day is not normal and I was pretty sure someone had died. (Ah yes, my Inner Optimist is a little weak these days). I was wrong! She called to tell me that my email to Country Living Magazine had been published in the April issue!

So there's my little blessing. Made me cry all over again. Thanks, Lord.


courtney said...

Ness, when we hung up, Ash was calling me because she couldn't get a hold of you and had just hung up with Mom....I think we've got a mental link going so I'm gonna ask you what to make for dinner and Mom's gonna call and tell me, right? :)

ash said...

i'm making court's recipe for chicken parm tonight! maybe if we synch one meal a week it will be more like eating together....except that john and i don't eat dinner until 10:30 tues-wed, but you get the idea! i love my family!!!!!!!!

kristie said...

that is so cool.
what was your email about.

klasieprof said...

WEll I think you called me by mistake..soo I want in on SOME fo this !!

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