Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Okay, so I don't actually hate the guy...

Okay, I've been thinking about this a lot. I know it's weird, but I think maybe I'm just avoiding thinking about killing my super-whatever. Anyway, I found the ending of The Bachelor very upsetting. I'm not going to apologize for getting into the show, because it's really just about people trying to find someone. I'm really happy and have my Someone and want other people to be happy too. I think this particular version of the show was interesting: it was a free trip to Paris. If you are young and single and could take the time to live in Paris for six weeks, it would be kind of an adventure, so I don't think it's all weirdos and losers that participated.

I guess I just found it so very dissapointing that Travis didn't pick Moana because she was really interesting. My theory is that initially, he was attracted to her because she was athletic, a little stand-offish, adventuresome, and then later got really picked on by the other girls (who were frankly, super-jealous and intimidated by her, for good reason) which made her a wounded bird and made Travis feel like a hero. But then, as time went on and she really fell for him, she started to reveal things about herself that were intimidating to Him. She cooks, speaks Italian, surfs, etc. etc. and I think a part him of realized that he could match up with her in Paris, but in real life, he is not all that. I was disspointed because if he had picked her, he would have been saying that he was a super great guy for real, and that he was equal to her. It's cool to see a really great couple that really matches up to one another. The fact that he backed down and picked the really vanilla girl says that he might be a good looking young ER doctor, but he's really just kind of two-dimensional. He and Sarah are probably a nice couple, but not very interesting...there's no spark, no contrast, no "wow factor."

I like wow factor. I see it in some of my friends' marriages and I have it in mine. I just like to see how one person can spur someone on to something great.


Elizabeth said...

i think i've met my "wow" factor guy. crazy, huh!

ness said...

dish please.

Elizabeth said...

Loooong story :) But...I'm pretty sure he's "the one". (Of course, I certainly am open to God's closing of the door...but somehow I don't think that's likely). It's like this guy was custom made for me! (And like God's been just saving him for me for the perfect time!!!)

I'll dish more when things are certain :)

Sounds like I'm crazy...but since you know how much of a "realist" and pessimist I have tended to be--that should sortof give you an idea how serious I am about this.

And the timing is impeccible...God did some MAJOR work in my heart...and then shortly after, I met this guy (who I have been hearing about since I first moved here).

courtney said...

you gotta love that "he's the one feeling" I still get the shivers thinking about the first time I saw Ron and just kinda knew there was something big later for us.
As for the batch., well, you have to understand Southern men for that. His choice was completely predictable (in fact, the column they've been running in the Sunday paper about him every week had his woman picked a long time ago). Hey, he's still gotta look his Momma in the eyes, you know?

ness said...

bah.....Travis' mom.

Beth, that's amazing and wonderful and just like God. I've seen it happen over and over again...there is something that just clicks all of a sudden...and there you go. I'm so happy for you!

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