Wednesday, February 21, 2007

You know that first, really warm, sunny day...

...of spring?

We had it yesterday.

Wanna visit us now?


tammi said...

I *LOVE* those first few days of spring. Birds chirping, warm sunshine, bare feet, a warm breeze, the smell of Downy floating out your dryer vents, the kid covered in dirt from an afternoon of making mud pies.......and then you get whammed with 3 days of 40 degree weather.

Hope your spring weather sticks around. :)

akr said...

Yep...definitely want to come visit...especially after my post today where you can see what our world is like! Spring is still a ways away for us!

courtney said...

oh shut up. jk love you

klasieprof said...

makes me want to go barefoot and step in dog crap..then Spring has Offically (yes..OFFAL)...begun. LOL

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