Thursday, February 22, 2007

Is it the weekend yet????

It's only Thursday and I am weary...

Yesterday, Robb took the kids to the park so I could get an hour of uninterrupted work in, which was great. I was able to load 26 auctions, which is pretty good for a day.

I have like 20 boxes to pack (still no bubble wrap) including a 42 pound sewing machine, which I was told to wrap to withstand a six foot drop. Any suggestions?

I ache to clean my house. When the sun shines in the windows, all I want to do is clean them, and steam clean the carpet, which is VILE. I want to dust, disinfect, mop, reorganize and declutter in the worst way...and while I'm at it, vacuum the dog and cut her nails....

Can you imagine what I saw yesterday? A fly. Alive in my house. Ugh...the plague is back already?

Vin went back to school today, though he still has the barky cough, but Charleigh has the cough now and her cheeks are pink...looking like a fever setting in.

I have a sore throat too.

And I have to balance the checkbook.

Glam day, huh?

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