Friday, February 23, 2007

Mission Accomplished

Yeah, so short of one of the dogs nails-because she got weird on me and I was covered in dog hair-and steamcleaning the carpet, I did indeed brush the dog, declutter, mop, disinfect and more yesterday. The house feels a lot better than it did! And my People (oh, yeah, I got people) came to my rescue with bubble wrap and packing peanuts. (Thanks A and Sara!)

So today I pack boxes and fight off the cold. I was up last night with Charleigh who had a bad fever. She seems a lot better this morning, but I feel lousy. Just twenty boxes...that shouldn't take long, right?


klasieprof said...

you are the queen, and I your lowly this is just a question, could you pack But not SEAL the boxes as you list them?
One declutter-make-my-life-easier technique I read was "OTIO" only touch it you packed the item (but not sealed in case of further questions) would that save time and the Massive boxing?
Just wondering.
What do I know.

sara said...

did it take long?

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