Sunday, November 27, 2005


You know that anticipatory feeling you have when you get a new magazine? Can you recall the smell of the new, shiny pages? You know how you make a special cup of coffee and curl up on the couch and just savor it? (If you are a guy, I know you take your magazines OTHER places too).

Now, when's the last time you felt that way about reading your Bible?

No...this is NOT a guilt trip. I don't do guilt.

(I've just had a weekend of company and holiday with wall-to-wall beds and non-stop eating and the floor crawling with toddlers. You can guess how much Bible reading I got in.)

I'm talking about this great thing my hubby got for me (Christmas present number 2 that he couldn't wait to give me). It's called "Becoming" and it is the Bible (or large chunks of it) in the form of a magazine. I LOVE it! The edition I have is the wisdom literature. They use the New Century Version, which is very easy to read and very fresh. This is not a study Bible, but rather, a Bible for reading. The format is very engaging and they have lots of side-bars and boxes of little topical devotional type stuff....emotions, love, infertility, money, etc. It also includes little fun facts and quizzes. Apparently, they have them for guys too in formats that are appealing to them. I've already read some "grumpy pants" reviews from Christians who find it appalling (which made me like it all the more), but the proof is in the pudding....I sat on the couch this morning with my cup of coffee and read about 20 chapters of Job. And I can hardly wait to finish it.

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we are doing a little planning and I was wondering if you could e-mail me so I could get you in on it...I can't give you any more details than that but I promise you'll like it. My email is

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