Sunday, November 27, 2005

The Truth is...

Okay, so I've already revealed a number of things about myself here on the blog that have likely freaked people out. But once the cork comes out of the bottle, it all comes gurgling here's another little splash....

I hate Christian music.

I don't listen to Christian radio. I don't buy a lot of cd's. If the first thing I hear about a new cd is that it's Christian, I probably won't be interested. There are some Christian artists that I am open to because they have built up credibility by actually producing both music and lyrics that show a modicum of talent, staying power or freshness. But there aren't that many.

(If you want to know why I hate Christian radio and Christian music, feel free to ask me because I'm not actually going to write anymore about it's not the point. )

So that being said, I want to write about the new CD that my husband bought for me that was supposed to be a Christmas present but he just couldn't wait (Poopsie). It's Robbie Seay Band "Better Days" and the reason Robb knew I would like it was because Don Miller (Through Painted Deserts) recommends them. Of course, I realize I'm jumping on a bit of a bandwagon, but I will say that it's one of those CD's that lifts you out of yourself and breaks your heart it's so beautiful. I'd call it a cross between Dave Matthews Band and maybe Jars of Clay...but more talented.

So far my favorite song on this cd is "Breathing Air Again" and I'm going to bore you with the lyrics...feel free to stop reading right now because they won't mean much without the moody music behind it...bless them for not trying to be cheerful...

Take the time to start a new
Maybe it's in front of you
Take the time to walk down your street
And heaven knows who you might meet
Take the time to be okay
And laugh a bit along the way
You could take me for a ride
We could just drive all day

And we could breathe again
Step outside our front door
And gaze upon the stars
And know we're not alone
So run into the fields
Scream louder than you can
It's good to be alive
And breathing air again.

Take the time to stop and stare
Heaven's beauty everyhere
Take the time to think about
Someone else besides yourself
Take the time be okay
And laugh a bit along the way
You could take me for a ride
We could just drive all day.

Maybe you wouldn't like it. It's very hopeful and honest and free. They affirm our sinfullness and how great it is to be hidden in grace. They don't try to say it all.

"Here come better days...."


klasieprof said...

Having a "sterophile" hubby..he can't stand most of the (was goig to say CRAP but wont)..stuff that passes for "xtian" muzac. NO depth...light airy gunk or really bad rock. Makes him physically ill.

TALENT and Depth...go far.

J Powers said...

I'm starting to like Derek Webb, he'd better not go and die on me like the others...

I wouldn't say much of any music being produced right now is very good. Biggest problem is that all the recordings are digitally distorted about five times before it even reaches my ears. It doesn't matter if it's secular or christian - too much distortion inherent in our music. We're used to music that actually SOUNDS bad (I'm not even talking about the song-writing).

Of course, you're always safe with a Mercury Living Presence classical recording or a Beatles record. But I don't have speakers that can even put out high fidelity so it doesn't matter.

Why are we always looking for new music? Maybe it's just a sort of cultural sugar - we want musical lollipops, that we can spend a month licking and then go on to a new flavor. I for one have spent way too much time obsessing about music, searching for the next great albums - Less is probably more at this point

ness said...

You are probably right about the distortion, but it comes to us mixed by so many people, only a handful of whom have any ears at all, let alone the ability to tell what sounds right.

Dr. Carter used to teach that classical music was "right" because it had lasting beauty. He was right, but he just didn't realize how much staying power U2 and the Beatles would have! He used to crank his music up when his wife was gone until the walls shook. We all want something that is bigger than ourselves....

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