Sunday, November 27, 2005

What I'm for

This was a conversation that the guys had early-on regarding Vintage Fellowship....Christians are so often known for what they are against. ...aka drinking, dancing, smoking, immorality, movies, immodesty, etc. etc.

We would rather be known for what we're for.

Here's just a few things....

I'm for grace.
I'm for irony.
I'm for beauty.
I'm for truth.
I'm for laughter.
I'm for kids.
I'm for friends.
I'm for purpose.
I'm for forgiveness.
I'm for growth.
I'm for change.
I'm for simplicity in complexity.
I'm for love.
I'm for what works.
I'm for fixing what doesn't.
I'm for being patient.
I'm for screwing up.
I'm for honesty.
I'm for humility.
I'm for need.
I'm for depth.
I'm for optimism.
I'm for mourning.
I'm for dancing.
I'm for feasting.
I'm for fasting.
I'm for good timing.

and oh, yeah,

I'm for dogs.

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klasieprof said...

I'm for : 'Laughing, goal setting, financial independence, decent cars, good teeth, Great bedding (love matching BIG heavy quilts), flossing, swimming pools, hot tubs, good wine, great food, friends that "get" you, wide open vistas, good books, think of more later..
BECAUSE I'm in HOTLANTA, and my Timer on my internet is CLICKING baby!! 28 min 33 sec 31 no...28
Home tomorrow...Joy will be thrilled SHE Is for Daddy, and covering him with a million billion lots and lots kisses as she says...

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