Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Stitch Fix #15 Review

Now that summer is upon us, I asked my brilliant stylist to send clothes I could wear in the heat of Arkansas summer.  I love summer, but I admit, I do not love the humidity here.  I get so hot, I can't even stand to wear jewelry, let alone shoes.  It doesn't help that our air conditioning is not in the best shape, so even inside, I am sticky.

Ashlyn did not disappoint.  She seems to have a working knowledge of what HOT means and picked the most adorable things for this fix.  I took them out the box and started wearing them immediately, which is why I'm posting this review almost 2 months after it arrived.

The first thing out of the box was this olive cargo skirt, made of a stretch cotton.  I have worn this repeatedly, washed it numerous times, and will love it for always. This is exactly my style and could not be more versatile.

Ashlyn totally grasps the concept that I like to get entire outfits in my fixes, and so all of the pieces in my fix are interchangeable.

Level 99 Andy Cargo Skirt with Olive & Oak Robbyne Eyelet Detail Top

The skirt looks great with the navy blue, cotton, sleeveless shirt. I love the eyelet detail on the front and the openness on the back. Even on the hottest days, this is breathable and looks put-together.  I have worn it dressed up and casually.  It goes with several other pieces from my fixes including the olive linen shorts, floral skirt, and  (maybe in September or October when the temps fall below 90) all my cute jeans.

I swapped out the blue top for the light and comfy gray hi-lo t shirt.  I originally thought this was would be fragile and too precious, but it has worn and washed beautifully.  Like a lot of women, I like have my backside covered and the color is neutral and easy.

Market & Spruce Sam Hi-Lo Short Sleeve Tee

I then found the most lovely linen shorts. Made of linen and tencel, the color is technically red, but reads like a vibrant coral.  They were admittedly the most expensive piece in the box, but what a game changer for summer.  I could wear these non-stop.  They are cool and look great. Of course they wrinkle, being linen, but they are easy and natural.  I would never normally choose shorts at this length, but I feel confident and cute in these. They fit flawlessly and obviously go with both new shirts and many of my old ones.

Level 99 Cindie Linen Short

Finally, Ashlyn tried to honor my request for a floral jacket I saw on Pinterest.  Unfortunately, they didn't have the pattern I saw originally which had a romantic, vintage vibe. I found this floral a little too granny for me and ultimately sold it online.  It was still worth buying for the discount and someone else was happy to get it.
Skies are Blue Amiami Blazer

I still absolutely love this service so much that even my husband signed up for the men's program because he has been so impressed.  I cannot express how much of a time-saver this had been. Although the clothes are more expensive than I normally buy,  I am buying less and getting much better quality.  My wardrobe is age-appropriate and well-curated.  I cannot count the times in the last 6 months when I needed to go somewhere and had the exact right kind of clothes to wear, from school meetings, a funeral, weddings, work meetings, date nights and dinners with friends.  I am what Gretchen Ruben described in her wonderful book about habits - Better Than Before - as an "under buyer."  I will always find a way to talk myself out of buying things I might actually really need.  I can't emphasize enough how much unnecessary stress has been alleviated by outsourcing choosing clothes.  That frees me up to love and care for other people, and that makes me feel great about this choice.

If you decide to finally try it, please consider using my referral code!

Also, in case you are wondering, my jewelry is from Noonday Collection.  


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