Monday, September 07, 2015

Stitch Fix #10 - The Stylist Makes a Big Difference!

I received a new Fix today and discovered that I had been assigned a new stylist.  Based on what I have read from other Stitch Fix participants, this can be a real disaster, but in my case, Ashlyn apparently TOTALLY gets me!  While I have been grateful for the things I have gotten in the past because they fit and they worked for me, I wasn't sure the clothes were very "me" at times.  This was the first time I was absolutely confident upon seeing each piece that I was going to love them. These clothes look like me. 

I also think it was curious that I didn't have a strong sense of what my wardrobe needed.  I was unable to give any requests when I got the note that my fix was being chosen, only that I needed breathable fabrics that would not be fragile and too delicate. 

So the first thing I saw was the gray knit shirt.  As soon as I glimpsed the vintage-vibe pink insert in the back, I knew I would love it. 

 Shorter in the front and longer in the back, it is perfectly comfortable and soft. But the back makes it so much more than a simple gray knit shirt, and I know I will love wearing this over and over again. 
Loveappella Lolla Woven Back Mixed Media Knit Top

Next, I found the wonderful floral skirt.  Reminiscent of a vintage wallpaper pattern, it is fully lined.  I was afraid it was too long at first, but then realized it fits like a 1950s pencil skirt.  Another versatile piece,  I know I can easily dress it up or down.  
Pixley Eve Floral Skirt
Loveappella Mayfair Lace Detail Knit Top

Trying it on with the navy blue knit top I also got in this fix was an obvious choice.  It will be fun to style it with a simple lacy tank and jean jacket too. All the colors allow for plenty of options.

The darling little top is so lightweight and soft and has a lace accent across the top of the shoulders, which keeps it from being just a basic t-shirt.  I love the length of the sleeves as well as the length of the torso, which works well for my long waist. 

Market and Spuce Jamie Button Down Cotton Shirt

Let's talk about classics, shall we?  A button front white shirt with a a couple of perfect twists: elbow sleeves are perfect for me.  I hate anything long and floppy around my wrists, so I always push up my sleeves. The sides have coordinating knit panels that keep it fitting smooth.  This shirt is knit with a cotton back, so it breaths and has the vibe of a basic white shirt, while being as comfortable as a T. The cut is super flattering. 

Finally,  I got another pair of jeans.  At first I thought, "I don't really need more jeans."  But then I tried them on and realized, "YES I DO."  Especially since they are an extremely dark wash, almost black, which makes them appear much dressier than normal jeans. They are bootcut, and a little on the long side, perfect for wearing with my favorite heels, which also makes them great for church, date night, and school programs.  I have lost exactly 1 pound of baby weight: thanks for noticing! I'm not exaggerating one little bit, so my new stylist is some kind of genius, because I feel like I lost 20 pounds. 
Liverpool Denise Bootcut Jean


Here they are with the little navy t-shirt....adorable, right?  Having these basics is a great treat.  I didn't realize how much I needed some of these wardrobe extenders, but I know I can layer, mix and match, and wear these things in so many ways.

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Lady E. said...

Very classy! These outfits look like they were made for you. Although I'm not brave enough to do Stitch Fix, I so enjoy watching others who post about their items!

Unknown said...

Vanessa, you look scrumptious! You lost a pound? That is fantastic. You always look skinny and just about perfect in any pictures I see. I love your new clothes. Your happiness is palpable. 😊

Unknown said...

I have been impressed by my stylist so far. I love the items you got that you show in your post here. It can be hard to find stylish clothing being an older woman, and finding items that fit. Too many teeny bopper styles out there, or you end up looking frumpy in old granny clothes. BTW -You look amazing!

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