Tuesday, October 06, 2015

Fix #11 - Color me Conflicted

So truthfully, I haven't even worn a couple of pieces I have received in previous fixes.  I feel terribly guilty about this, but to be fair, we've been on sabbatical from church, I am working ALL THE TIME to prepare for my upcoming craft show, so I barely go anywhere and I certainly don't dress up to go out in the studio and get covered in dust and dirt.  This is a season of my life that will pass soon and hopefully I will have someplace to wear my pretty things.

So when my new box arrived, I felt very guilty about it.  But as I surveyed my closet with the dropping temps in mind, I realized I still can't fit into my pre-pregnancy clothes but I don't have much in the way of warm things.

Papermoon Camilla Pencil Skirt
My new stylist was clearly picking up on the season change.  She sent me 5 pieces that will wear well in the cool months, and she clearly understands that I am trying to create a cohesive wardrobe, so she picked pieces with similar colors: black and maroon.

First up is this pencil skirt with lace detail. Made of structured knit, it is comfortable but not "schlumpy."  I do have a bit of mental block about the color and the lace detail around the bottom, which reminds me of a half slip. I don't exactly know how to wear this yet and was considering returning it, but Miss Whimsy was eating animal crackers while I tried on my clothes and came up and gave me a big love while I was wearing it, leaving a good big smear of her snack on the skirt. So I am keeping it now!  I like it with the denim button front shirt I got in a previous fix.

RD Style Zahara Dress
Next, I tried on the gray mini dress.  It finally occurred to me after asking over and over a gain for "things that are long enough to wear with leggings" that I wanted mini-dresses, not shirts. I am just too tall and too long-waisted to wear shirts with leggings and even most tunics are not long enough. My new stylist grasped this idea immediately and found this darling dress.  It is also a knit with faux leather trim.  It is a little snug on my arms, but not enough to worry me. Everything else about this little dress is perfect for me. I have already worn this with the leggings I got in a previous fix and I would pretty much wear it every day if I could.  If I could have this cut in every imaginable color and fabric, I would be set for life.

Tart Kaylie French Terry Blazer
I specifically asked for a knit gray blazer and my wonderful stylist found one that is perfect for me. I immediately pushed up the snug sleeves and decided to wear it on my date out that very night, paired with the jeans I got in my last fix.  It looks nice and structured, but it feels like a snuggly cardigan sweater.  This piece was pricey.  If you specifically ask for a piece, I've noticed that the price tends to be higher than usual.  Just a tip. But considering I will be wearing this all the time, I sucked it up and paid for this.

Alice Blue Nolie Dress
suggested styling
Next I tried the burgundy dress.  This is where I started to feel really guilty.  This is a great dress, but I don't know where exactly I will wear it.  I love the cut and the faux leather detail and I feel great in it, but I'm not sure how practical it is for me.  I probably should have made it more clear that I love to dress up, but I don't have that many places to go.  I will be planning to pin some more practical, every-day outfits to my Pinterest board just to be honest about my real daily uniform of a t-shirt, skirt and cardigan.

Finally, I tried on the polka-dot pullover sweater.  I recently edited my profile to say "yes" to polka-dots because they can be so cute and timeless.  I would never pick this sweater for myself, but I am going to give it a shot and I will explain why:  I spend about 30 minutes TOPS getting myself ready and mentally, I still picture myself like a college girl who looks "good enough" in whatever she wears.  I started to take some photos of this fix without doing my hair or makeup and I was a little taken aback by what I saw:  a tired old lady.  I don't know when this tired old lady showed up and took the place of the plump glowing pregnant lady that used to be here, but I can guess that she slipped in somewhere in the long string of nights of insomnia, extended work hours of show prep, and mental exercises about life in general with too many plates spinning.  I see the old lady show up dressed in gray from head to toe,  tired cardigan sweaters, hair unkempt and bags under her eyes.  This little sweater sent me to the mirror for the five second pick-me-up of lipstick and a brush of eyeliner and the reminder that nobody else is going to take care of the old lady if I don't.
41 Hawthorn Gideon Polka Dot Sweater

Since this fix was expensive, I adjusted my fix frequency and am taking a little break to make sure I wear what I have.  I'm super torn about it because I really love the things my new stylist is choosing for me and I can't wait to see what else she finds.  But Cinderella has to come home from the ball and get to work, so off I go! 

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