Wednesday, May 06, 2015

Stitch Fix #6 - Have I Mentioned That I Love This Service?

As spring turns into summer here in the Ozarks, you get about a week of perfect mid-seventy degree days and then it just gets hot. With those days descending upon us, I was scrambling to find something cool enough to wear.  When my sixth Stitch Fix arrived, my stylist Amanda saved the day!

I specifically asked for two pairs of shorts. I hate shopping for shorts (I pretty much hate shopping in general these days) and I usually end up with a couple of ill-fitting pairs in navy blue and black from Old Navy that I spend more about 25 dollars on and hate them every time I wear them.

Let's also take a moment to talk about the American obsession with cheap clothes.  We are buying more and more clothes, which are made quickly and as inexpensively as possible.  Our closets are stuffed full of clothes, we are hurting the environment at the beginning of the cycle to get more material, we are enslaving people working in terrible conditions and then we throw away all these cheap clothes in a short time (usually about 4 months or less) which also hurts the environment, and turn around and buy more. In the middle of all that, designers and creatives are also hurt because their designs are ripped off so often because factories are trying to make clothes so quickly. This is a terrible cycle which I have written about before.  For more on this topic, you can check out Overdressed: The Shockingly High Cost of Cheap Fashion by Elizabeth Cline   or follow the links on this Pinterest board.

Choosing to buy less and spend more is less conflicting for my values and how they have changed over time.  Some of you have asked and so I am telling:  Altogether, I am spending about two hundred dollars on this fix.  The pieces are more expensive individually than I would feel comfortable spending in the store, but there is a large discount if you buy all five items. It's worthwhile for me to communicate a lot about my experience with my stylist so that I consistently get all five pieces that I like, and therefore get the big discount.

 I've already explained how this is a such a time-saver for me, but I would also like to add that it feels nice to have someone listen to my preferences and choose things for me.  It feels like someone is taking care of me. For example, I mentioned in my last review that I wished the sheer top I got had a camisole with it, and my stylist included a cami in this fix to pair with the tops she chose for me!  So instead of just the "rush" you get from buying, which tends to fade quickly, leaving you with the desire for more, I wear these clothes and feel a sense of satisfaction that I was heard and thought about.  It's a more lasting feeling than simply getting something new.

So, without further ado: Fix Six.

Fate Elyse Striped Sheer Sleeveless Top with
Liverpool Susie Bermuda Shorts 

First off, let's celebrate that Whimsy has been sleeping through the night pretty consistently now, and I am starting to lose some baby weight. That means I'm between sizes. These shorts are mostly cotton with just 2% lycra, which means they fit great, but aren't so stretchy they will ultimately fall off when the fabric gets tired and old.  I would never have picked the color, but it goes with so many of the previous pieces, plus the things I buy for myself (aka black t-shirts), so they are great.

I'm not sure how exactly this shirt was intended to fit, but again, I'm between sizes, so it blouses on me when it might lie flat on a slimmer person. It's not uncomfortable or unflattering, though.  I like the creative use of the stripes and the easiness of this top. It is so versatile, I can wear it dressed up or down. This is great for the all-too-frequent "Oh, yeah, Mom...we have a meeting at school tonight I forgot to tell you starts in a half hour."

Ark n Co Lucas Hi-Lo Embroidered Sleeveless Top
with Skies are blue Cambria Embroidered Shorts
 Next up, two more pieces that can be swapped with the other two, making 4 complete outfits from this set of 5 items. I am a fan of this versatility, and the growing feeling of cohesion within my wardrobe.

see the cute back? 
The top is nursing-friendly, but admittedly, a little itchy.  I have never purchased so many articles of clothing made of synthetic fabrics before in my life, but I do like that they are much less wrinkly than my clothes normally are.  I am always a fan of small details, and this top has plenty: not only the intricate embroidery, but the back panel is made of  coral fabric and hangs lower across the back, which is perfect for me.

The shorts are a linen mix and they are perfect in every way.  The elastic waistband is forgiving without being schlumpy, and the color is safe without being boring.  The embroidered detail is pretty without taking away any versatility.  And the length is appropriate for a grown up lady with grown up stretch marks (Thank you baby number 1)  Now, if I could just do something about my scratched up knees (from gardening) or my bruised shins (falling over a kid's bike in the garage).

Gilli Gabbiey Sleeveless Maxi Dress   
Now, let's talk about this dress, which is made in the USA (a social justice YES!)  I feel 20 pounds lighter and 10 years younger.  The color, cut and fit are amazing.  You can get a dress similar to this made much more cheaply, but I don't think you would get the same luxe feeling from the cheap version.  It is made so beautifully and hangs flawlessly.  The fabric is thin enough to be comfortable in the warmest weather, but not flimsy.  I really cannot overstate how great this dress is... it might be my most favorite piece my stylist has ever picked.  It might be most favorite piece I have ever had in the last decade!

So here's a thought:  if you are on track to get a bouquet of expensive flowers and a burnt breakfast for Mother's Day this year, may I suggest you drop your family a little hint and ask for a Stitch Fix gift card instead?   It will take you a little time to fill out the survey and really get the hang of getting the most out of this service, but the lasting feeling of having one thing about your life simplified is definitely worth it to me.  You can use this referral code:

Lastly, I would be remiss if I didn't mention Whimsy's favorite part of this fix.... you guessed it!  The box!  She played in it the whole time Mommy tried on her clothes!


Life with Kaishon said...

You are so beautiful. You always look like a million bucks. You could totally pass for a freshman at Bria and Kaishon's school!

Holly said...

the first outfit is my fave! i just bought a pair of flowered linen blend shorts at kohl's and love them. who knew clothes could be so difficult as we get older? i like the way the way that first top blouses. more fun!

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