Wednesday, June 03, 2015

StitchFix #7 Review

You win some, you lose some.  It has been a busy month and I didn't give my stylist many guidelines about my needs.  I mentioned that I needed some blue jeans, but I should have been a bit more specific about what I needed.  So this fix was kind of disappointing.  Bummer.

Level 99 Dilan Distressed Boyfriend Jean

So, these jeans. First off, the color is horrible.  They don't go with anything.  I need a classic pair of jeans and these are more like baby-blue colored jeans.  Then, the really IS distressing. All the way up the leg and the knee.  I could never pay 98 dollars for jeans I would only feel comfortable wearing to garden.  Nobody wants to see a 40 year old mom's thighs squishing out of her jeans. Finally, the length:  too short to wear unrolled, so they can only be cuffed.  I hate being limited to only one way to wear them.  These fall under the "if you wore it the first time it was in style, you cannot wear it the second time it comes around" category.  I have a picture of myself in these jeans c. 1989 and it's not good, my friends. Not good at all.  They are light and comfortable enough even for summer, but these were a big miss for me.  I probably wouldn't have been so negative about them if I didn't just really have high hopes for the right kind of jeans for me.  The gray ones I got in my first fix were just so great, I had really high expectations.  Staring down the barrel of jean shopping in the stores now just feels like an overwhelming task, but I might have to resort to the GAP if I'm going to have something to wear.  

Papermoon Malton Knit Tee
Previous fix - black skirt
Next the top: Geometric and neon. Ugh.  I know this is a huge trend and I'm supposed to like it, but having seen it on Etsy for YEARS now, I'm so over it. Much like my chevron-fatigue, I have just reached the point of overload of this combination.  There's no way my stylist could know this, I realize now.  The cut of the shirt is great and I like the weight of the fabric well enough to keep this one.  I may pair it with my black skirt to hide the beam of light around my middle.  I know it photographs well, but I just cannot understand how bringing the eye to the part of your body that you are most uncomfortable with is the best strategy.

Fun2Fun Melika Button Down Blouse
This one is easy enough. Plaid is good. Weight of fabric is good.  The collar is a little heavy.  The only real negative on this one is that the finishing is really iffy.  For example, the buttonholes are not completely trimmed, so every time you button or unbutton it, you have multiple threads that pull.  In this fabric, it puckers and pulls the rest of the shirt.  I am keeping this one because it is very versatile, but I will be trimming all the threads first.  

Brixon Ivy Romford Stretch Lace Knit Top
Now this shirt.  It's a stretch lace top over a cami in navy blue. Something about the cut of the cami is a bit disastrous.  It cuts too far under the armpit, leaving too much exposed underneath.  The technical terminology is, I think, "tasteful side boob."  Other than that, it looks remarkably "granny" on me.  Not sure if it is the color, but I just couldn't see this in any other way than dowdy.  Maybe if it was longer or had a less purple under-tone.  I tried it with darker jeans and it was a little better, but not enough to make this one worth it.  I think I know what they were shooting for, but this just did not work for me. 
Side note: the dark jeans?  Stretchy jeggings from Target and the most boyfriend jeans of all:  my husband's.  Also, I cut my own bangs.  I might be too crunchy and DIY for the fashion world to help me.  *Sigh*

Market and Spruce Maeby Dress
Finally, the fifth piece: an actual winner, but I cannot nurse in it.  I wish the pattern was more of a floral than a geometric, but the cut is deceptively simple and easy.  I think this will be a keeper for years to come that can be worn in all seasons.  This is a good example of something I would never pick out for myself that works for me.   

So, this one falls in the experiment category.  It's good to try things, even if you don't end up with a hoped-for result. We can keep trying for the right jeans, I guess.  Maybe I should have just asked for five more pairs of those linen shorts I got last time because I wear them ALL. THE. TIME!  

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