Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Stitch Fix #8 Review

My 8th fix was scheduled to arrive while I was visiting my parents.  I just changed the shipping address to theirs, and my Uncle Phil delivered it with his usual rural route delivery.  No fuss, no muss.  I packed a couple outfits fewer knowing I might get some new things I would keep and I did!

Papermoon Violeta Scallop Detail Blouse

First off, I was delighted with the sleeveless black top.  The design is clean and interesting. Black is always my favorite color and the weight of this fabric is nice and light with no need for a cami underneath. This is very me.  Unlike some of my other Stitch-fix tops, it does not feel precious.  I will be curious how it wears as the edges are unfinished.  Soon, I will do an overview of how these clothes have held up to actual wear.

Just Black - Adorra Skinny Jean

 Jeans. Jeans that fit. Jeans that I can wear with anything. Jeans that don't sag. Jeans that are long enough. Jeans that can be rolled up.  Jeans that are the right color blue. Jeans that aren't too heavy for summer. Jeans, for the love.  THANK YOU AMANDA!  Do you have any idea how many things I can now wear the way I wear things now that I have a functional pair of jeans?  I wore them about 6 times at my parent's house and then I got home and washed them and look how great they look!  The fabric blend is excellent.  Sometimes a stretch skinny jean feels so plastic-y, you start sweating before you get them on.  These breathe. Wonderful, I tell you. I feel like a new person.

En Creme Tully lace Black Cardigan

Up next, this little ecru cardigan for the win.  I like the boho-vintage vibe of this piece. I like that I can throw it on with anything and it just works.  I wore it over a boring Old Navy tank top last night and didn't feel over-exposed.  It flaps a little and catches the breeze, so it's not too hot. I could wear it over my swimsuit for a cover-up if need be.  I loved wearing it with the jeans and a simple top.  I asked for a kimono-type wrap, but I think I like this just as well.

Collective Concepts Andres Split Back Blouse

This botanical print top is interesting in the back and I generally like the color combination, but it has a tendency to slip forward and make little flaps appear at my hips.  I've worn it several times and I like that it is light and airy and not sheer.  However,  I keep asking for floral and I keep getting botanical.  These tropical prints feel super Granny-in-Florida to me and I don't love them.  I just don't relate to these patterns at all.  Send me something with flowers I grow in my own garden: roses, daisies, zinnias, lilies, etc.  Tropical prints are just not me.  Unless someone wants to send me to Hawaii....

Mavi Alena Collared Button Down Top

Finally, this simple sleeveless button front shirt in a denim-like chambray.  This is more than I have ever spent on a shirt in my life; it borders on the absurd, really.  The cut and color are unremarkable, though classic.  On the plus side, though it fits me snugly, it is slimming and well made.  I even dare to photograph it from the open side of the placard, so you can see that the snaps are strong and placed intelligently so I can wear it without concern of a wardrobe malfunction.  As my career as an on-demand drink station comes to end in the coming months, this will be a little more practical for me.

In hindsight, it might have made better sense for me to keep the first three pieces and return the last two, but I was on vacation with a badly injured eye and I might not have been thinking very strategically.  As it stands, I have worn all of the pieces more than once except the sleeveless button front top.

 I don't miss shopping.  I still love Stitch Fix. It's not perfect, but when I think of all the frustration I did not have to face looking for is totally worth it!  If you decide to try it, please use my referral code!

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