Friday, February 06, 2015

Some Thoughts about Stitchfix

Sartorial kryptonite.

That's how I've been describing myself when it comes to clothing this body.  Because let's face it, dressing a 40 year old, postpartum, nursing mom with teenagers too is a bit of a disaster.  As confident as I am that nursing my baby girl is best, I just can't be the mom who just whips out a boob at a high school football game.  I've pretty much found the whole "nursing wear" market utterly frustrating and difficult to navigate, not to mention the fact that trying on clothes in a store with a car seat and stroller ranks high on the PITA (that's Pain in the A#$) scale. I still love thrift stores, but I just don't have time to sort through clothes like I used to, not to mention the fact that thrift store clothes, like my maternity wear, seem to look at my earth-goddess bottom half (aka the 30 pounds of pina colada ice-cream weight I put on during pregnancy) with a kind of elastic exhaustion...."Please don't say we have to hold that in and up any more...we're just soooo tired."

Long story short, I signed up for Stitchfix.  I needed clothes to appear as if from nowhere. I needed someone to show me what other humans are wearing these days.  I need clothes that are good enough to help me let go of the Target leggings I bought three years ago that have holes in unmentionable places but still "fit."  And when I say fit, I mean I am able to squeeze my body parts into them like sausage casings.  Am I spending what feels like 10 times more than I have ever spent on clothes?  Yes. Yes, I am.  But at 40 you can't wear sweatpants and look "cute" anymore. And you know that if you don't take good care of yourself, nobody else is going to take care of you either.

Stitchfix, if you have just landed on the internet, is a clothing styling service.  A stylist interprets your style, based on a detailed survey, and sends you 5 items of clothing (including accessories if you so desire) based on your needs.  I have received two boxes...or Fixes... so far.   The first one was fantastic:  I got a universally flattering wrap dress, a pair of jeans that actually fit, a faux-leather jacket to help tone down the lactating mommy vibe and two tops that were nursing appropriate.  (The skirt in the picture above?  Maternity.  Please, Amanda, hook me up with a skirt next time. I'm getting desperate.) I would never have picked any of these things out on my own, or in the case of the jeans, I wouldn't have been able to find them and would have given up after trying on the 3rd pair that didn't fit.

The next box was mostly tops, which I needed, because I basically need everything right now.  I am one of the tragic women who does not lose a bit of weight while I am nursing, so investing in clothes right now is not ridiculous.  When I first opened the box and looked at the choices, I literally thought, "NO. No way I'm wearing this."  But then I tried things on and tried to expand my horizons a bit.

First, the leggings.  Expensive leggings seemed silly, but when I put them on, I liked the thick fabric and the fact that it didn't not seem the least bit daunted by my Pina Colada situation.  A thick waistband deals well with the postpartum belly.
The plaid shirt, made of a cotton blend is among my favorites in this Fix for several reasons: it goes with everything I have already. The feminine cut is a relief from the men's shirts I've relied on in the past. And it's cotton, which I highly prefer.

See the open closet door in the background?  Guess what's in there? Twelve cardigan sweaters.  And three flannel shirts.

The navy blue knit top is actually long enough. I like the detail in the back, and though it is not as nursing-friendly as I would prefer, it does just generally feel good to wear.  And that is saying something.

The turquoise top is the perfect cut, but I don't love the color.  But I'm giving it a chance since finding a shirt that is actually long enough is one of my biggest quests.

The patterned top is my least favorite of the group because anything with "bling" makes me feel like I'm wearing Grandmas-on-a-Cruise-wear.  The sleeves were too long as well, but I decided to keep it once I had pared it with a cropped gray sweater I got from a clothing swap with the girls at Vintage.  It helped to contain it a bit for my taste.

I'm still struggling to find my own style again these days, but here's what I'm thinking about Stitchfix right now:  It saves me time, which is really precious right now.  It helps me simplify. I'd rather have a few things that are really right than to keep buying a lot of things from the thrift stores that aren't working for me taking up a lot of real estate in my dresser and closet. And, it gives me a little confidence at a time when I'm trying to be friends with my body even when it a little needier and high-maintenance than usual.

A nice perk is that if you happen to want to try the service too, you can use my referral code and give me a little discount on my next Fix.  You don't even have to keep the clothes if you don't like your Fix in order for me to get the discount.  Here's the code if you would like to help out.


Life with Kaishon said...

You look so sensational. I am really happy you found something that is working so well for you. ­čśŐ

Holly said...

I totally dig the turquoise and flannel tops! I'd keep those in a heart beat.

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