Friday, February 27, 2015

Stitchfix #3 Review

Got my third fix from Stitchfix this week and thought I'd share a few more thoughts.  I shared my last blog post and pictures with my stylist, pinned many examples on the board she sees on Pinterest and gave detailed feedback on my checkout page.  I think all of these things really helped to get a fix that was really great this time around. 

I specifically asked for a white tunic blouse, a black skirt and an neutral cardigan: 
Margaret M Christiana Skirt - Black
R D Style Vivianna Open-Draped Knit Cardigan
Daniel Rainn Minal V-neck 3/4 sleeve Solid Blouse 

Thank you, Amanda.  You rocked this.  

Also in my fix, this cotton voile blouse in navy blue: 
Fun2Fun Aurora Tab-Sleeve Blouse
Mavi Ruxin Boyfriend Jean

This shirt, shown paired with jeans from my first fix, is going to be a favorite. When I first saw it, I thought it would be too small and would just make me feel bad, but it fits beautifully and I like everything about it. It is slimming and cool and a little bit tough.  It's perfect for me. I feel like myself in it. 

Loveappella Tori V-neck Knit Top
Rune Porter Legging
This was almost a complete win, but sadly, this shirt does me no favors. I kind of bitterly hate it in a way that really makes no sense.  I mean, it's an article of clothing, not a terrorist, but  sometimes clothes are weird that way. However, if you buy all the items, you get such a big discount, it was worth it to keep it.  I am shamelessly going to wear it as pajamas. Or, you know...the outfit I roll out of the house in to drop kids off at school and go back home to waste time on the internet.  It's that kind of shirt.  To be a bit more specific: the fabric is very thin and the design is seems neither purposely on the bias, or straight, so it looks wonky to me. I hate the color. I feel like a party favor.  I think I need clothes with a little structure right now, and this is too free-form.  It would look good on a girl who is very thin, but it feels schlumpy on me. That's right, schlumpy. Technical terminology, there. Also, I am coming to the conclusion that I like clothes that are either very sweet or edgy so I can pare them together and get a good mix, like kettle corn..or salted caramel... I digress.  Please save me from clothes that are the clothing equivalent of kale and oat bran. 

This fix was the one that tied everything together for me. I can now put together dozens of outfits for any occasion.  I had some fun for the first time in a long time just mixing things together to see what would work.  It might seem shallow in the face of all the things that are happening in the world, 
but a little self-care so that I can take good care of others is a healthy thing.  So far, this service continues to be worth it for me.  That was especially obvious to me as I have now gotten rid of nearly everything I bought for myself to wear post-baby because it didn't fit right, looked bad on me, or has fallen apart.  Confirmation that a little quality over quantity is a good practice. 

So, once again, if you decide you would like to try Stitchfix, consider using my referral code.  

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Sara Williams said...

I think they all look awesome! The only thing I am bummed about is they don't serve plus size customers...oh well :) It was worth a shot

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