Friday, March 20, 2015

Stitch Fix #4 - Review

(Apparently, Stitchfix is all I blog about anymore.  I'm too tired and busy for internet arguments these days, so I guess I'm keeping it light...)

So this box was adventuresome. Amanda tried to avoid boring clothes, which made me smile.

As soon as I saw this top, I knew it would be a favorite.  It's casual, but can be dressed up. The color is lovely. The fabric is so soft and drapes beautifully to hide all the things that need hiding.  I feel really pretty in this top.
Loveappella Jokina Dolman Knit Top

Next up, let's talk about this skirt.  It photographs beautifully, but this is just not me at all.  When I tried it on for my husband and daughter, they both listed several of my friends that would wear it. When I showed this picture to my coffee girls, those friends were all "OOOOH I love that!"  I can't explain why this isn't good on me. I think maybe you have to realize that I grew up going to church in the 80s and old women wore this kind of pleated skirt, leftover from the late 70s.  I can't erase this imagery from my head.  Also, neon is a little terrifying to me.  I recently took that Facebook quiz that says I have four cones in my eyeballs, so I perceive color really hard core. That yellow freaks me out.  I love the idea of this skirt and the visual fake-out created by the color blocking, but I just don't know how to wear this. Even the little visual clue cards sent by Stitchfix didn't help me with this. The length is weird on me, too. The combination of 70s pleating, yellow, and fit just made this a no for me.   I need therapy, I guess.

Mystree Lola Colorblock Skirt

Now for more color blocking: this top, again, photographs beautifully.  I don't mind the way it looks on me.  It has an interesting cut on the side, which I appreciate, but it resulted in an unflattering flap at my hip. On the other hand, it did hide my postpartum belly very effectively. But I think this also qualifies as neon pink, which sort of assaults my eyeballs again.  It also has an external metal zipper as a detail. In a few months, that is going to be crazy hot. I am outside as much as possible when the weather is nice, and I didn't relish the idea of having my neck baked by a metal zipper. I like the general idea of this including the fabric selection, but  I just didn't like this enough to keep it.  

41Hawthorn Teresa Colorblocked Sleeveless Blouse

Speaking of fabric. This top is so pretty. I love the lace detail. It's very versatile. It would be perfect if it weren't so thin.  I am wearing not one but TWO lycra layers underneath this to keep my belly a secret.  If I'm going to wear a sleeveless top, I really want to be able to just wear it without fancy underpinnings underneath.  I'd show you what it looked like without the camisoles, but this is the internet, ya'll. I don't need that floating around.

Fate Gabby Mesh Detail Blouse

Now speaking of pretty, the other piece I kept from this fix is this lovely dress. It has a vintage cut with universally flattering flat pleats. The color is so nice and spring-y, even though the pattern is much larger than I would normally go for.  As Amanda suggested, I really love it with a jean jacket. It fits nicely and is perfect for a summer wedding or other "nice" outing. I am super disappointed that it isn't nursing friendly, so I can't wear it for Easter Sunday without some serious wardrobe changes.   

Pink Martini Colette Rose Print Dress 

So there you have it, fourth fix review.  This is the first time I have returned some of the items.  I don't mind that this time, because part of the experience is trying new things and seeing what works.  I have some sartorial quirks to overcome and I don't mind this experience.  It is still such a treat to have the clothes in my own home, not sweating my way in and out of a dressing room with baby and gear with me.   I'm not a trendy person at all, which is probably why I have always relied on  vintage clothes and home decor.  I don't like to feel like I'm in a competition of who is keeping up with trends the best. I just want to look like a person who takes care of herself and others.

Want to try it out?  I get credit when you get a Fix so please use my referral code .


Keri Pierce said...

I hate the skirt, and of course you are not crazy I am having the same flashbacks! The white top is not my favorite, but everything else is great-- especially the dress, that is a va va voom dress! Looks great on you!

Staftastic said...

Ness, do you mind me asking how much the items are typically running? My girlfriend has been trying to redefine her style now that she is in her 30s, and I think stitch fix could be a great way for her to explore this with less stress than dealing with storefronts. But we don't want to break the bank. Your experience seems very positive and I love the stuff you've been getting, for the most part!

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