Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Stitch Fix #5 - The Best Yet

I was feeling guilty for wanting more clothes, but with the season-change, it was apparent that I had very little to wear.  Even cobbling together something to go and do the remodeling and painting that needed to be done in our new church building was a challenge. I broke down and bought two "fast fashion" t shirts from Walmart to wear for this work, but after days of dust and sweat, I needed the assurance that I can be pretty too.  I asked Amanda to help me with something that reflected my work so that I would be sure to have an outfit to wear for the upcoming spring Little Craft Show at the end of May.  Here's what she came up with:

Skies are Blue Brie Printed Dress
 This was the last thing in the box and the first thing I tried on. I was very unsure of the pattern on this when I saw it.  It's nothing I would EVER pick out for myself.  I'm super sensitive about patterns, especially patterns with a kind of theme.  I am creative, but I am also a little rule-driven, which my kids could tell you.  Just like I don't allow food smelling candles in the bathroom,  it's a stretch for me to have theme prints outside of their expected context. These palm trees are waaaay out there for me. However, I found myself just wearing the dress for more than an hour the first time I put it on. It is so comfortable and well made,  it occurred to me that maybe I didn't need to wear it only on a beach. Maybe I needed a beach vacation so much that the dress just made me FEEL like I was at the beach!  The Stitchfix  suggestion cards showed the dress with a jean jacket and with a blazer, so I tried it with both and was somewhat surprised.  I didn't need to style it with theme-y accessories, but rather, could contrast the print with more serious and neutral pieces for a perfectly acceptable look.  It feels a little foreign to me still, but it also felt like I could grow in this area (more like my daughter Mattie, who mixes pattern, feel, theme, texture, color, and shape completely fearlessly.) What, I'm the only one with candle rules?  I don't believe you. 

Daniel Rainn Kailynn Split Back Blouse

Next up, this sleeveless blouse with such pretty florals on the sides. I adore this.  The details are hard to see in the back, but the construction is interesting and effective. It is slimming and fluttery and long in the back.  Again, the pattern is much bigger than I would naturally choose for myself, but florals are easy to love, especially in this season.  I love it with the jeans from my first fix and it looks so dressy with the black skirt I got in an earlier fix as well.  I have still not lost baby weight (thank you, breastfeeding), so this top just feels really good and hides the bad.

Brixon Ivy Diaz Embroidery and Crochet Detail Cotton Top
Can you even believe the detail on this top?  I love it.  I wore it immediately on a date with my husband, pared with my grey jeans, heels, and pearls, and I felt pretty.  It looks a little sleepy with my plain black skirt, although appropriate for some occasions, but mixed with jeans, it has just the right mix of tough and sweet that I like to wear.  I love the sleeve length, the fact that it is cotton, and the vintage-y feel. 

Skies are Blue Vilmer V-neck Blouse

Speaking of pretty....this color is so lovely.  It's the color I wanted my bridesmaids dresses to be almost two decades ago, and couldn't find them anywhere. It's the color of a vintage cameo. I wish this came with a built-in cami like the the sheer blouses I got during the winter, but this is otherwise perfect.  This is more the scale of pattern I am used to and I feel perfectly at ease in this. Sure to be a favorite. 

Mystree Batya Textured Skirt

I wasn't sure if I could pull off a lace skirt, but I pinned a bunch in hopes that Amanda could find something for me, and she did!  It is fully lined and is comfortable to move in. I knew I wanted to pair it with something tough right away and I quickly reached for my navy blue/black cotton voile shirt from another earlier fix.  The result is something I feel good about, and Whimsy also approved!

This fix was particularly meaningful and helpful to me because it was a real time saver.   The last few weeks have been far busier than what is sustainable, and I needed help to transition to a slower pace.  Having something nice to wear on a much-needed date with my husband made our dinner out doubly enjoyable and maximized the good that came from resting from the physical and emotional work we have been so heavily involved in lately.  Not worrying about clothes is something that frees me up to enjoy my family more, and to accept this season of my life when I'm still not physically what I would like to be.  

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Thanks, friends!

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Keri Pierce said...

If you had food candles in your bathroom I would question your sanity. I like the lace top and the peachy top the best-- but it's all really good! Whimsy's fix is also adorable!

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