Tuesday, April 05, 2011

I'm Trying...

The van before we got started

The van, after!

....to blog, but there is just so much.

It gets away from you if you don't try to capture it while it happens.

There was the Heartwood

renovation. Which led to finding and installing three new artists, which led to moving everything around again to get them in.  Then there is the Grand Re-Opening to plan an execute this Saturday...press releases, driving my friends crazy on Facebook and Twitter, putting my husband and kids to work passing out invitations and grilling hotdogs on Saturday....
Hey Keri....remember this ugly pic at the thrift store?

YUP!  The freaky things you find, huh?
I should have had a garage sale.  Instead, my college roommate, Keri Burch Pierce (ie Burchie) surprised me....(I'm waiting for those pictures, Girl!)  I wish I could tell you more about our visit...the first time we had seen each other in ten years...how she plotted with my husband to surprise me and totally amazed me...how wonderful it was to have our kids play together like old friends...her littlest one charming us all...I wish I could express it, but I don't know if there are words for the gift she brought me by just being here and being HER.

And then I worked a day with my friend Holly who runs a business called Simply Organized.  One of her gigs is helping people unpack from moving.  Since her regular business partner couldn't be there, I got to help out.   That was a job I enjoyed more than I would have guessed.  And it didn't hurt that it was working with a friend I like so very much.
There are three doilies and a three finger tip towels missing!
The first sale of the day...
The flea market has taken up a bit of my time lately because someone appears to be thieving it.  I am missing several nice linens. I keep hoping they will turn up, but I am not holding my breath.  Anybody got any bright ideas how to prevent such stuff?
Best sale of the day!

Neosho's annual garage sale did not disappoint.

And the next day, Robb performed a wedding for the folks that own my Flea Market.  Edd and Nancy had a beautiful day at Blue Springs Heritage Center for their special day.  And Robb made me cry like he always does at weddings.

Today is Charliegh's birthday.  I've got a bunny cake to make this afternoon, but her favorite meal shouldn't take long....macaroni and cheese...."From a box, please, Mom?!"

A lovely wedding
And the clock is ticking much too fast....because War Eagle Spring craft show is mere weeks away.  And the house in Michigan is still on our plates. And....and....and....and....

Robb and Vanessa get bored (and sunburned) waiting for the wedding to start.
but today. I practice the liturgy of laundry and toilets.  And it feels like very sacred activity indeed.


Keri said...

so did you purchase the orginal "children on scary bridge in the dark and where are their parents? and WHOA their guardian angel is HUGE" picture? I am dying to know if the knock off is still at the thrift store! So Funny!
Looks like you've been busy! Pics coming soon!!

ness said...

I did not! I'm a good salesperson, but that would be difficult to unload...

Thanks for the pics!!!

Holly said...

I have no idea how you can do all of this and not collapse.

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