Monday, May 24, 2010

Plumb Worn Out

Last week was exhausting in more ways than I could ever try to express here on a little ol' blog. I'm heartsick, worn out,  stretched thin,  so I'm taking it slow this morning. 

It stands to reason that if you essentially co-pastor a church, and not just a church, but a church-plant, keep a flea market booth and a gallery booth, run an online store,  have a husband who travels and three kids and two dogs, have a house that has issues (don't they all), not to mention a family spread all over the country and a giant network of friends, well.....sometimes, you are gonna wear out. 

I'm worn out.


betty crocker said...

I heard you were amazing yesterday though :D

ness said...

Robb can't keep his gig. Once every 14 years is plenty for me!

Jess said...

Ditto with a few minor modifications.
Let us escape together for a few days to some delightful little village in England and search for treasures, or let us at least make brownies and eat them all by ourselves. :) Did you speak at Vintage yesterday??? What did you share?? What in the world are you thinking about these days??? Just thought I'd drop a few loaded and totally unanswerable questions on ya at this moment in time.

ness said...

Oh Jess, I miss you. And we are probably both so tired, it would be super handy to have mental telepathy.

I did speak at Vintage yesterday...Robb likes to have women preach sometimes just so people know it's not "all middle aged white guys." I spoke from Genesis 29 when Jacob gets tricked with Leah. It was a fascinating exercise doing the stuff that Robb usually does, but I will gladly go back to making coffee!

And what am I thinking? I'm thinking about how to help the poor and how it's possible for there to be inoperable brain tumors in 2010 and how I really must remember to put sunscreen on my kids and how I am homesick but I wish my parents would move here and how somebody with a masters in fine arts from Rhode Island School of Design told me I had real talent and that I should keep working at creating and how I promised to do way too many things in June and I wish my husband didn't have to travel so much but I am glad that Charleigh is taking to piano lessons so well and that I don't remember what a day without a "have to" looks like and why, oh why oh WHY does everything in Anthropologie have to looks so GOOD.

Oh yeah. You know. Same old, same old, get out of bed, try to save the world, fail miserably, be grateful to God.

Sara said...

Hope this doesn't sound strangely cynical but I'm glad I'm not the only one that feels worn out. It's encouraging for me to know that I am human.

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