Tuesday, May 18, 2010


....is not as easy as my parents made it look.  Here's a picture of their backyard just a few weeks ago. I found myself on my hands and knees planting hosta plants I bought WEEKs ago and was too busy to plant.  I hate to even think how many things I have bought in an overwhelming fit of wanting my yard to look like Mom and Dad's only to kill it with neglect.  But for better or worse, this is how my garden is looking so far.  I have two evil dogs to keep in check, one of whom I found snout deep in one of the potted plants this morning.  I made short work of her. She is still crawling around on her belly with her tail between her legs.  But then again, Peggy is the compliant one. You just have to raise your eyebrows at her and she flattens out and pees herself. A very attractive quality in a dog, actually....knowing who is the boss of this place.

Sidney is not the boss of this place either. She just cleans up whatever Charleigh throws under the dinner table.  That's better than being boss as far as Sid is concerned.

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Mother B said...

What I see is a really good start. Gardening is a process requiring lots of patience. I think you are being too hard on yourself. I'm very impressed by all of your accomplishments and I still think you were one of the best employees in the garden store. Love ya, Dad.

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