Thursday, May 13, 2010

My Girl

It wasn't so long ago that my Mattie and I were like magnets turned the wrong way, repelling one another.  I realized somewhere along the way that she really did want to hang out and be close, but we hadn't found anything to do together that we both really enjoyed.  But lately, we are on a roll.  She took the book Anne of Green Gables off her shelf again and this time, it took.  She has been totally engrossed and started Anne of Avonlea last night.   I found her crying that Matthew had died one night when I went to kiss her goodnight. And last night, she was giggling that Anne had sold Mr. Harrison's cow.  When she found out there is a movie, we decided we needed a classic chic movie night.  (We've had several of these in the past few months...introducing her to such wonders as The Sound of Music, Baz Lurmans' Romeo and Juliet,  and Sleepless in Seattle.)  So Friday night, we have a date for all the hours of Anne.  I couldn't be more genuinely excited. 

Yesterday, she came downstairs with swollen lips...something is causing her to have an allergic reaction.  It happened a few weeks ago and we thought she had developed a shellfish allergy, but now I'm not so sure.  So she took a personal day.  Sometimes I feel like my kids really need these kinds of days anyway....just to recharge and relax.  We have been very busy the last few weeks and she has had a lot on her plate at school.   After she got a good nap in and watched some tv, I offered that she could help me with my work and I would pay her a dollar an hour.  Best three dollars I ever spent.  She typed in descriptions from my dictation while I took photos.  We had a blast.  It brought back some of my favorite memories as a kid, working at my dad's feed store, and hanging out with my mom as she sewed tiny clothing for antique dolls. 

Just look at the beautiful basket she made me for Mother's day. I couldn't be more impressed with it....the weaving is perfect with beads to boot.  Seeing the family creativity emerging from her is an absolute joy.  Robb is experiencing something similar with Vin as they develop their devotion to sports.   And Charleigh....well Charleigh just had her first piano lesson. I'm no expert, but I think she might be a prodigy.


Keri Pierce said...

Ok, so this post is the most convincing argument for attempting to have a girl- hands down! Movie nights? Anne of Green Gables? Ugh, I am jealous! :-) I suppose as a youth pastor wife for so many years, I have always been confronted with the negative aspects of preteen/teen girlhood... I forgot about the truly good stuff. I genuinely hope you have a great night, and that empty calories are consumed, laughter abounds and tears are shed... Ha, now I'm getting all dramatic and stuff... sigh.

Clark Kent's Lunchbox said...

That's sweet, sis. I cried too when Matthew died... wait did I just say that out loud. Never mind.

You guys are awesome parents to awesome kids.

ness said... guys are so sweet. You can come to the movie night too if you don't wear anything embarrassing.

And yes, that is Mattie's rule, not mine.

: )

12-arrows said...

AOGG is the very BEST! my daughter and I love them, we watched them together last year! I know just what you mean about magnets too!

Sara said...

how blessed Mattie is to have a cool mom like you :)

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