Wednesday, May 12, 2010

I Go A-Thrifting

Well, well, well.

The show is over and over 20 of my pieces went to new homes, including both of the large tables.  In short, I had a blast. I am exhausted. And I am invited to be juried into the fall show.
Which would require me to have about 5 times as much product prepared. So yeah, that's a lot.  I barely slept from excitement on the nights of the show.  And then I slept so hard, I allegedly yelled at Robb, yelled at the dog, and yelled at ants that were swarming all over my feet in a very vivid dream.  I have some recollection of the ants and the dog, but I'm pretty sure Robb is just making it up.

And what does a girl do to recharge her batteries?  She goes thrifting.  I NEED DISHES! My stash is very low. And the flea market booth needs some love. The Heartwood Gallery booth has only a post it note in it.  And my etsy store?  Forgettaboutit.... It's practically empty with only 300 items in stock!  So here's a glimpse of what is to come....after I do some laundry. And make a good dinner.  And answer a million messages I owe many of you.  And plant my Mother's Day plant from Robb.  And, and, and.....

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wendy said...

okay, so i'm blaming you on finding all of the cute random plates in NWA. because i've BEEN SEARCHING for cute plates to hang on the backside of one of my cabinets, and all i can find are freaking icky, ugly plates.

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