Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Sunshine on my shoulder and blood all over the place

I'm sitting outside this morning with the sun warming my shivering carcass. I love basking...perhaps that's why I like turtles so much? It's going to be an amazingly beautiful day, and those have been in short enough supply that I have to mention it.

As to the blood all over, let me just say that I have seen way too much of my children's blood lately. Charleigh's finger has just now lost it's scabbiness (nice mental picture, huh), but she was toted inside last night by her dad after meeting the sidewalk face first. Not sure what angle you have to fall off your scooter to skin the spot directly under your nose, but she managed it. I was making ribs, grilled pineapple and macaroni for supper, and so Daddy did most of the work of sopping up her blood and tears.

After supper (and may I just say yum, by the way to marinated grilled pineapple?) Mattie and Vin were loading the dishwasher when Mattie slipped on some water on the floor and somehow managed to cut the back of her heel with a 1 inch slice. Good thing it's nice weather, because she can't wear anything but flip flops until that thing heals up.

This after Sunday night, she called to us after she had gone to bed for help. She had managed to dislodge a loose tooth, but for the life of me, I've never seen one bleed so much. Robb kept guffawing that girls just don't know how to spit as the sink, the mirror, the faucet, the counter got spattered. But she got her dollar, by gum.

And so, I keep a handy stock of the Curad EXTREME bandaids on hand. You just never know what one of these kids is going to get into next.


wendy said...

i quite literally have that old bucket cookie jar that's on your etsy page sitting 3 inches from me on my desk at work.

Life with Kaishon said...

Wow. That is a lot of blood. You handle it all so well though.

The grilled pineapple sounds delectable. I just ate a whole can of pinapple for breakfast.

I love your new profile picture. You are so pretty.

gerbmom said...

Nothing I love more than BASKING in the sun. sigh. Maybe I'm part cat?

12-arrows said...

and springtime has just begun what will summer bring? I know exactly what you are talking about because boys=bandages goes hand in hand and I have to hide them because they put them on EVERYTHING, even my man-boys! LOL

12-arrows said...

oh and one other thing. . . .I have no patio furniture left, because we were supposed to move and I sold it all so now I have to bask in the sunshine on a cold cement step. . . .its ok at least we have sunshine to bask in! right?

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