Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Let's talk about Blog Stalkers!

So I keep hearing about people (Trish) who read my blog (Trish) and don't comment because they don't want to be stalkers (Trish). Unless you start a shrine to me in your bathroom, or follow my kids home from school, I promise, I won't think you are a stalker. And of course, Robb put me up to this to drive you nuts.


klasieprof said...

WOW!! What a Freekzoid to READ a blog and Not say HI. Dang...They MUST be a STALKER!! OMG!! A STALKER A STALKER.......

heh heh...P.S---DON'T google "Stalker picture"...unless you like some VERY disturbing images!!!

wendy said...

so as long as i keep my shrine to you just in my hallway and not in the bathroom, it's okay?

ness said...

Wendy, for sure. And no candles, 'kay?

Tally said...

Weeeell, fine then! I guess I've been outed now! It's just that I have a lot to say, and you may come to regret being so welcoming....

First of all, you are AWESOME!!! You are hilarious and you have the best taste! Keep doing what you are doing.

Second, you are a stupendous mom. And I know your kids agree with me.

Third, you are an amazing wife! I full out wept over your blog about Robb. Good grief sister! It just warmed my heart to hear a wife recognize a good husband and appreciate what she's got. I know he appreciates you too.

Fourth, your kids are totally adorable. Totally. I can't even talk about Charleigh. Forget it.

So there you have it. Sorry now?? Too bad. You've un-stalkered me. This is what you get! :D

ness said...

happy happy joy joy!!!!

I'm thrilled you came out of stalkerdom to share the wonder that is YOU!

And your blog has pictures of houses interiors....RAPTURE!!!!

You have cool, funky friends and a world of fabricky interest to share....you decoupaged your kitchen counters...I wanna decoupage my kitchen counters. It's a full on mutual admiration society.

Annie said...

Hi Vanessa!

I'd comment but I have to go take some things out my bathroom!


Life with Kaishon said...

I always say hi : ). Even when you never said hi back for like one million months : ). But then you turned into a regular commenter. Someday I would like to be as cool as you. I am totally working on it. No luck so far.

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