Tuesday, March 03, 2009

I'm. Going. To. Die.

"Charleigh, where did you get that gum?"


I found it.

"Where did you find it?"

On the street.

"In a wrapper?" (please!)


Part 2

I am sitting in the chair with my hands over my face, after begging Robb to handle this. He sent her to brush her teeth. This is little improvement in my mind.

"Charleigh. What will help you to never do this again?"

Charleigh dons her very serious face, with her eyeballs directed so far upward that you can see the whites under the brown. Her eyebrows knit together and her chin is low. She fully grasps the seriousness of her answer.

um. Talking about it.

Robb fails miserably at stifling his laughter while I internally wonder what will cause the greater harm....bleaching her mouth or letting hepatitis happen naturally from eating gum from the street.


krissy said...

Colesy once found some at the zoo - under a table in the eating area. I almost threw up!

Tammi said...


Robb said...

tell the rest of the story!

Robb said...

Talking about it seemed like a better option to Chuck than "spanking" or "washing my mouth out with soap."

Sara said...

I'm sorry, this is hilarious. Oh my.... you're probably thinking.

"Oh just you wait and then you'll see how funny it is."

ness said...

oh no, Grasshopper....first you have to go through smearing poop on the crib and playing in the toilet and then you work your way up to eating gum off the street.

Sara said...

lol...yes, just what i've always wanted :)

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