Wednesday, March 04, 2009

So I ran this morning...


while Mattie, Calvin and their buddy, Will kept walking to school

and Charleigh tried to keep up

and I was wearing bad shoes

because I can't find my favorite ones

Rockport slip ons that I bought when I was pregnant with Mattie

toward my car

and my house to get the keys

so I could catch

my stupid **&&#@(# dog

who dug out from under the fence

and can only be caught by offering her a ride

(the tramp)


Tammi said...

Cooper is the same way...won't come back if he runs off, unless I'm in the car and open the door for him.

Something about those unregistered dogs I guess....

Mother B said...

Ness.....I started to read this and thought it was a free verse poem. I really think it should be, even if it wasn't.

ness said...

oh, I was free with my verse, all right....

klasieprof said...

um...isn't she ALMOST old enough to leave home while you walk the kids to school?????...Charliegh...not that unlicensed beast!!

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