Friday, December 12, 2008

Meet the Lightbox

I am, as they say in Arkansas, fixin' to make Robb's Tristmas Tookies but before I do, I am doing my session with the lightbox. Which basically consists of me, doing my usual computer time, with this big lamp over me.

This is my second day with the lamp, and so far, I can say that it easy to use and not too weird to add to my day. It isn't warm like basking in the sun, but it's not unpleasant. It was kind of annoying to set up initially because one of the bulbs was loose and I had to take out 9 screws, tighten it, and then take it apart again because I accidentally left one of the screws inside. It features 3 32 watt compact florescent light bulbs. It puts out some insane about of light like, 40,000 k's or something. Basically, it looks like a sunny morning.

Like I said, it's only day two, but I can say that by 10 a.m. yesterday, I had made breakfast for the kids, packed part of their lunches, was dressed, and finished some of my creative projects. I then organized my shopping list for making cookies and went out the store. When I got home, I cleaned the house and made a nice dinner, and hung out with the kids. I got my studio picked up a little bit, listed some stuff on etsy, took some photos and then chilled out with some tv. I confess I ate quite a few olives at that point. It was a good day, quite frankly. Mattie noticed that when they came home, I was outside raking up the leaves that always blow into our front door. She thought that was kind of interesting...she asked if the lamp made me feel active.

Of course, it might be the placebo effect. I am pretty motivated for this to work. So maybe it's all in my head. We'll see.

But so far, even though the lamp was pretty expensive, it is kind of handy. Because it has a diffusing cover, I can easily use it to augment my product photos. This is always a problem in this house, since like many southern homes, it is purposely made to block out a lot of bright sunlight.

I'll be curious to see how it works as the gray days roll in next week.

And now....I'm going to make forty kinds of cookies! See ya later!


Candice Houston said...

Did you make it or buy it? I think I may need one.....

Life with Kaishon said...

I have been praying about this for you every day this week! Really praying. As opposed to 'kind of' praying : ). I hope this will be beneficial and you will feel much better.

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