Wednesday, December 10, 2008


Since my light box had not arrived yet today, I went out for coffee with a friend and some retail therapy; in lieu of the light therapy, they were pretty good substitutes! I wish I could expound, but Hubby smells presents and I really don't dare sit close to him, lest he pick up my brain waves about what his present(s?) is/are. If I got any. Which I'm not saying that I did. Look normal everybody. Be completely calm. Don't blink.

Tomorrow, I'll be back at my other projects, which I also cannot talk about's that time of year. No pictures of what I am up to until after the big C-mas.

Speaking of pictures, we got our Christmas cards in the mail today and...well...can't talk about those either...but...I'm happy with them....

What I can talk about....Christmas cookies. Or as Robb has been calling them "Tristmas Tookies." As in "WHERE ARE THE TRISTMAS TOOKIES??? I WANT TOOKIES!!!!" And while my brain has not been much inclined to this activity, it had better get there soon as the kid's school called, requesting a tray; Robb's boss was particularly fond of my peanut brittle last year, and Bobb now has two teams to favor with goodies since getting his promotion, not to mention the co-workers he especially likes who will remain nameless but lurk this blog (Hi Katy!) So cookies shall be produced forthwith and all people will gain poundage from their chocolate-coconut goodness. (I will eat them strait-up from the freezer.)

And in case you missed it while I was in the corner having a nervous break-down,for Christmas, we are driving to Chicago for a day, then on to Grand Rapids to see Robb's sister, then through the Middle of the Mitten to see Donna and Co., stopping at Cleveland Airport to pick up my sister in law on Christmas Eve, only to arrive at my parents where we be with my entire ENTIRE family (17ish I think at last count) for 5-7 days experiencing complete and total mayhem, then down to Pittsburgh to my sister's for New Years Eve, then home again, home again, jiggity jig. What? You are having a nervous breakdown for me? You don't know if all that driving is sane? You think its only mildly crazy that my parents have only 1.5 bathrooms? You can't wait for the blog recap? You want to dogsit? It'll be great. Sanity is so overrated. See this pic? This is what Christmas should look like....a bunch of punch-stained kids and exhausted parents. See if you can find me....I'm there. I'm SO there.


Candice Houston said...

You are so cute. And there.
I want tookies too.

Sara said...

I hope that despite the craziness you will have a great Christmas

Matthew said...'re certainly in my prayers now. Wow, that's a lot of driving! Better you than me, though (I have a bad habit of falling asleep if I drive much longer than 3 hours at a stretch).

I hope you have a safe trip. Be careful.

Jess said...

Is that you sitting on Flannel Man's lap?

ness said...

Ding ding! Jess is the winner. That's my Daddy and I'm wearing no pants, just leotards or long jonhs (can't quite remember) since we had gone outside to sled and they were all wet. I remember those green boots...they had furry stuff inside and thinking back, I'll bet they were my brothers...he's there with the tan coat on. My mom is the one checking the baby...sister Courtney.

klasieprof said...

Looks like your daughter in a time warp!

Life with Kaishon said...

I thought you were the girl in the blue shirt holding a bear. Do you have a portable dvd player for the car? How do the kids do on long rides? I am excited for you. I think it will be wonderful : ). Pennsylvania is always wonderful, right?

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