Monday, December 08, 2008

I've got QUILTS!

Hit an estate sale this weekend and got a deal on these quilts and quilt-tops. I am estimating these to be from the 30s and 40s, made of floursacking (flour and sugar were packaged in fabric bags, which thrifty housewives kept and used for quilts). Most of them are entirely hand-stitched and hand quilted. I'm probably going to sell most of them, but I like them too much right now to let them go. I will probably be more motivated when the credit card bills comes next time!


Candice Houston said...

OK so after tax return time, you and I are going to start planning thrifting palydates! Maybe even before then.

wendy said...

did you get the dresses i left on top of the christmas tree box? i hope that you're able to sell them and get some money!

Jess said...

Holy cow... those are BEAUTIFUL!!!!!

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