Monday, December 08, 2008


Keep it simple sweetie.

That's what we did with Christmas decorations this year. Since we are headed up north for the festivities, we really couldn't justify a real tree this year. So when I found this ultra skinny tree at the thrift store (18 dollars, I'll take it and thank you very much) I figured it would be great for next year's craft fair. I couldn't resist putting in the white sticks, though, so at least SOMETHING was "real." Honestly, by the time I got the Yankee Candle to mimic the right tree smell, it would have been cheaper to get the real tree....

I love my husband's take on the nativity scene.


12-arrows said...

beautiful tree! and my daughter has that same little pink ballerina, its handing on the front of our tree as well! and up north just where is that????

klasieprof said...

WE made the switch several years ago to a Non fresh tree. The allergies made EVERYBODY sick every year till we figured out what it was. If you look at "fresh" Christmas trees, look in near the trunk, generally you can stick your finger in to a Knuckle or more of MOLD. Yep. Then..The nice tree, gets all warmed up...and releases all those lovely toxins into the air.
For us..
Never ever again. And thats just fine.

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