Tuesday, November 11, 2008

I've been Tagged

Look at my fancy-schmancy award from Jess of Sassy Pants fame.

6 Random facts about me:

1. This is my refrigerator. Note the mostly empty jar of olives on the top shelf.

2.This is my hobby....That's right....I break dishes for fun and relaxation:

3.This is my family:

4.This is me, pre-coffee...also pre-toothbrush, pre-hairbrush, pre-moisturizer, pre-eyeliner, pre-hairspray and also before I put on any socks:

5.This is my dog, Sidney, sleeping in the lid of the turtle sandbox, which either makes her really dumb or really smart, we haven't decided....

6. This is hard to explain:

I now tag creative bloggers: Jasmine, Wendy, Ron (who won't do it, but is creative) Jody, and Sara. Blog on!


wendy said...

i have that exact same fridge. except yours has food in it.

Ben said...

Too funny. I think we have the same glasses.

Jess said...

Actually, Ben did not say that... I did. :)

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