Wednesday, November 12, 2008


Ms Charleigh-Brown-Eyed-Girl has been on a stick-pony kick lately. Last week, on a day we were walking to school, she insisted on riding her pony. "I don't think that's a good idea, Charleigh." says Mommy. Charleigh cannot be dissuaded and of course, falls down, scrapes her knee and has be carried home, stick pony in tow. The stick pony has alternately borne the names Gingerbread, Buttercup, and Penny. I'll be curious to see what her name is today. Giddy'up!


Anonymous said...

My personal favorite Charleigh-ism;
"Chickle chickle ISAYha BrWoWn"

She is a cute little version of you.

She is kind and funny and always ready to see the good... yep. She is soooo your child! And that kickass tan... that is....oh wait... that is so not you. ;)

ness said...


Sara said...

Hey just a little request, Could you post a pick of all the kids. I'm missing them and by the photos i saw in one of your pictures they're growing up so fast...

Its about a 9 hour drive to arkansas from here... I wonder if it could really happen someday when we've got some more

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