Monday, November 03, 2008

"I think, therefore I am"

Wow, so much is swirling in my brain this morning. I've just finished reading my blog list and have much to think about.

If you read a lot of blogs and don't use a blog-reader, let me encourage you to look into one. They are a huge time saver. I use Bloglines. You just add the blog addresses into the reader and it keeps track of new posts. I first heard about this from Tammi and it's been a great thing for me.

Found a link to a new designer that I love. Her philosophy..."Love What Belongs to You." Her name is Zoe Murphy. Enjoy.

I also read the entirity of Don Miller's (of Blue Like Jazz fame) article on his journey from being a Reagan Republican to an Obama Democrat. I deeply appreciate his story. I get pretty frustrated with Christians who think you can't love Jesus and be a Democrat because I used to be a Christian who thought you can't love Jesus and be a Democrat. It's a complicated political sphere we live in and I'm deeply respect everyone who is voting out of conviction and not fear.

This week, we'll be starting up small groups at Vintage again and I will be a part of the women's group. I'm excited about this group becoming a catalyst for good things happening through us and in us. Technically, I'm the leader of this group, but it is never my style to stand up and act like I've got a corner on anything spiritually. I think I"ll have my hands full just keeping the discussion on topic.

My to do list includes contacting a pair of 85 year old twin ladies who live here in town to complete a small project on their house. I met them through the craft show and I've been waiting for the weather to be good enough for outdoor work. With clear skies, 75 degree highs and a light breeze, I think the weather is good enough!

I'm also planning to stuff my etsy store, which means a lot of photographs to be taken. I spent an hour at a bookstore yesterday while Mattie was at her friend's birthday party, and I'm feeling pumped up and inspired. I'd also like to make about forty million things....blankets, mosaics, applesauce and rugs being at the top of the list. There is the every-burgeoning pile of laundry to attack. And oh yeah, I'm turning OLD at the end of the week. That is 34. Which is right next to 35, which is just a pre-cursor to 40. Which means I really need to accomplish something. Which means I really need to get off this amazingly luxurious, squishy couch.

I'm going, I'm going. Don't rush me.


wendy said...

when does the women's group meet?

Sara said...


What to do firts?

Sara said...

I can't spell,

let me retry that one...

What to do first

Anonymous said...

I am sooooo excited about the women's group.

ness said...

hey Wendy....7:00 at "the Plaza" (or as chuck calls it, the new church place.)

be there or be

someplace else apparently.

stephanie garcia said...

Good question - I need to address it on the blog. :) Iquique is pronounced "ee-key-kay" ... kinda cute, right?

Thanks for your encouragement about the house! Now if only I had you around to help me decorate it! :)

wendy said...

what night of the week? tonight?

aem said...

on the bright side, at least you'll never be as old as ron! :)

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