Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Commitments and Clarity

Robb spoke about clarity on Sunday...How Paul was determined through 2 years of imprisonment that he was doing what God would have him do, and how that commitment was unshaken despite circumstances. As he spoke, I found myself listing my own commitments and clarifying where I am headed and what I value. I am on the cusp of having all the kids out the door to school and this time next year, who knows where I will be or how I'll be spending my time? I find myself really re-evaluating.

It was interesting that as I listed commitments and the things I feel most passionate about, selling in my online venues didn't even really surface, but expressing myself creatively did. While we still need the little extra bit of money more than ever, I just don't have the same ferocious drive to devote myself to online selling for 20 or 30 hours a week, like I have in the past. Maybe it's the lack of space to warehouse that has cooled my enjoyment of selling, but more than likely, it's because I am finding so many other activities just as compelling.

Another thing that surfaced was both my desire to lead and the desire of other people to be involved in a women's ministry at church. I wish there was some more cutting edge title for it, but maybe something will develop as I contemplate what this ministry could become. What I see clearly now is that women need a place to connect with other women and share their concerns and frustrations, they need a venue to share what they have and what they know, and they need fun and friendship-building activity that doesn't compete with their other commitments. Do you have positive experiences with a women's ministry? What was compelling about it for you? I have been simmering on this for weeks now, and would love your input. We'll currently be meeting as a small group, but I see this as a seed that could germinate into an ongoing entity.

This has been a time of weeding out the things I don't need any more in my life, material and immaterial. It's a time of trying to determine how to spend my time the best way possible to accomplish the most for the Kingdom. I'm excited and hopeful and also a little bit scared. The times, they are a-changing. (see, I didn't have a picture for this post, but I can put an ear-worm in your head for the rest of the day.)


Jasmine said...

I am writing a book about this subject. I will send you some of my junk that I have spewed. Well.. I and a friend are co writing it.
I think you'd like it... maybe you should write the forward.

Jess said...

I like it when things shift and suddenly there is a bit of direction. I actually don't like it when I know EXACTLY what I have to do, because then I feel boxed in, but a little glimmer feels like hope, which gets my creative juices flowing. :) I agree you should write the forward to the book, but why not just write your own?? :)

Sara said...

I think the best women's ministry's that i've ever been apart of was when i attend Faith Baptist in New York.

The woman's ministries there were just filled of down right honesty.

From times they all wanted to scream because of the kids driving them nuts or the singles in the room crying because they didn't feel like they belonged because they didn't have kids.

It was also all very God centered still. In looking at the Word and seeing what God had say about the role of women and why there role is so signifcantly important.

I think i forget that when i stay at home cleaning, and cooking, and preparing.

I tend to feel so insignificant like i'm not making any difference what so ever and then I'm reminded that God gave women some major responsibilities that he did not give to men.

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