Saturday, November 01, 2008

"Not all who wander are lost."

With gas close to 2 dollars a gallon, we felt like a drive was an okay way to spend the morning. The cold snap is over and the sun toasted us at a pleasant 75 degrees. As you can see, wandering down Arkansas' mysterious dirt roads can be well worth it, especially this time of year. The kids started to get nervous with no "civilization" in sight for miles, but we just told them as long as they didn't hear any banjo music, we were just fine.


wendy said...

I love him. he's such a funny, smart, and vulgar writer--I can't get enough. if you ever need to borrow some for light reading, let me know. I can open my sedaris vault for ya.

and the clothes there are either awesome or horrible maternity wise, but I got some cute things that actually make me excited to grow into. until I do, I'll just hold em up with a spare hand!

wendy said...

with the mention of bangos, I'm reminded of my first canoeing trip when I was 15. the night before, my dad made me watch an 'instructional' video.

it was deliverance.

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