Monday, August 04, 2008


Tomorrow promises to hit near 100 for the forty-eleventh day in a row and I am frankly tired of it. I couldn't get into a groove all day, and the doors were constantly open...I actually woke Robb up the other night yelling "SHUT THE DOOR" in my sleep. in, kids out....some of them mine, some of them not....the flies...the heat...the stuff everywhere.... the dryer is doing this new thing where the element doesn't turn off even when the load is finished...yes, I understand that that could start a fire...You know how babies are good all day and then around 5 o'clock, they just feel the need to scream their head off? That is exactly how I have felt today. In fact, I spent no less than 40 minutes looking for the remote, got mad at the kids who used it last and who were at that moment lying in my bed under about 40 loads of laundry, and sent them all to bed. Not my best parenting moment.

Tomorrow, we're going to buy school supplies. Hopefully this will be kind of fun for them and we can have a good day.

Is this post the equivalent of screaming my head off? Probably. Sorry you had to hear that.


H said...

Just thought I would have a good scream with you. Hang in there, I've lived here all my life and no matter how hot it gets in August, autumn always arrives.

Ron said...

hang in there kiddo.

tammi said...

I hear ya about the heat - oh, do I hear ya. At my recent trip to Michigan served only to remind me just how stifling the heat is in the south compared to up there.
Yesterday I put on jeans and a tshirt and hubby's mouth dropped open when he saw me.
"You do realize, you are wearing JEANS....In August" he said.

I typically reach a point about this time of summer where I am SO sick of wearing shorts and tshirts that I would jump off a cliff to comfortably wear jeans and a long sleeve shirt with a cool breeze blowing through some autumnal trees.

Maybe next year.

Oh...and fruit flies and ants abound over here...I've been battling them for the last week. I think it's a conspiracy.

ness said...

well, at least I'm not alone : )

Anonymous said...

yeah... the hot is AWFUL. We just take all of our clothes of... and sit on the back deck under the water hose. My elder neighbors find it a bit strange that I am always out there in my underwear (shrug)

Matthew said...

I'm sorry to hear that the heat has got you down. We were all spoiled by the cool and pleasant spring and early summer we had are all now suffering a bit more in the heat than usual from lack of acclimation.

Something you might try, even though it seems counter-intuitive, is basking in the heat. What I do at the onset of summer if I'm not feeling properly acclimated, is sit in the car with the windows rolled up for 10-15 minute intervals two or three times a day over the course of several days. Believe me, you do this a couple of times, everything else you'll be subjected to throughout the day will seem almost pleasant by comparison. I call it "embracing the heat." ;-)

Needless to say you should NOT ever try this if you have any kind of underlying medical problem (particularly any sort of fainting spell) that precludes it.

All this said, I hate August in this state with a passion. If you're foolish enough to venture off to the woods around here this time of year (as I commonly do), you'll find that the seed ticks and chiggers have exploded to ridiculous proportions.

klasieprof said...

Seed ticks

Oh MY..

Why do I feel the need to take a shower..

WAIT !! Now my SCALP is itching!!!

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