Monday, August 04, 2008

Monday, Monday

ba da, ba da da,

No reason, just had that song in my head.....

I'm EXHAUSTED today. Vintage was great yesterday....we had a Missionary family that had done church planting in Thailand for the last 17 years and they were just great...we really clicked with them.

Then we served another meal at South church, which is a ministry to the homeless. I absolutely LOVE doing feels like real ministry...really hungry people being fed. It's weird, too that they have a hard time lining up churches to serve in the summer months, since many churches send a small group or two while they meet in the school-year months. So rather than your typical casseroles, we have tried to do more "fun" kind of summery meals. Last time, our friend Derek grilled burgers...they were amazing and they were GONE in a flash. Yesterday, we served meatball subs. I estimate we served about 700 meatballs with sheet cakes, fresh veggies, and macaroni and potato salad. We are a relatively small church, but I so enjoy this time with them. The kitchen is full of Vintage, Vintage singing and playing instruments out front, Vintage serving cake and drinks, Vintage washing dishes.

Maybe it hit home more last night because Vintage is homeless too. The Music Hall, who we rent from, is closing down at the end of September. Which means, we need to find a new building in less than two months. While it has always been a bit of an adventure sharing the music hall (DON'T LOOK UNDER THE FLOOR MATS! THE PUNK ROCKERS POOPED THERE) much poop on this makes sense for us to share a building. But who wants to share with a rowdy bunch like us????? If you are a praying type and you find this carousing, fun-loving, Jesus-following gang the least bit compelling, join us in asking God for a place in this world.


12-arrows said...

I will definitely uplift you and your husband as your prayerfully seek God's direction in another building. I know God has just the perfect place in mind He just hasn't revealed His plan or location yet! Hang in there!
Also, isn't it great to rub elbows with the people you worship with? I just love that and what a sense of community it builds too!

klasieprof said...

ahh..sorry I can't pray very good right now...Can I PLEASE just sit back and watch God work, and see where he lands you? I just know its gonna be COOLER and BETTER..and Bigger.
I'll Picture it in my head...maybe that will help some..but yah..the praying thing..not so much...God's not listening to me lately. I just start crying when I start to pray anyway..and really..thats not very fun.
WORD VERI: aeniin: the alien feeling when you can't pray

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