Wednesday, August 06, 2008

School Supplies


school clothes:


Backpacks packed:


With Robb's help, we knocked it all out socks and shoes and all. You cannot believe how picked over all the shoes were, but we finally found Mattie's signature Chuck Taylor style tennis shoes (in her size) at Payless.

Buying kid's shoes annoys me more than anything...because a good classic shoe with no moronic Disney character, pink stripes, or skulls on it-yes, skulls on my sweet 8 year-old's shoes-is nearly impossible. I'm SO sick of the marketing crap gimmicks, I could scream. I think Mattie actually did a couple of times! I'm sorry, Marketing Geniuses out there...I refuse to make my child your billboard.

Local mom''s a tip....Sears was one big clearance rack. It was Old Navy for socks and two-for shirts, Target was very picked over, but we did like their girls' tunic-dress-shirts a lot. We decided, though, to try our hand at copying them from things we already have here at home...and if our ideas turn out as cute as they are in my head, pictures will ensue. Hey, I've seen Project Runway a couple of could happen.

We're ready for school. Bring it on.


Heidi said...

Ooh, definitely post pics. I love seeing homemade versions of everything. Its always inspiring = ) I need lots of inspiration for making clothes for our 4 weeds.

Whatever happened to nice looking, well made shoes that didn't cost a fortune? Or maybe my parents thought buying school supplies was expensive too...

carahinojosa said...

My goodness--how early does school start in Arkansas?!?

ness said...

the 18th is our day...which feels nothing short of ridiculous to me.
I learned from experience last year that if you wait too long to shop, there is nothing left.

I spent the morning taking inventory across the board: the results being a lot of clothes have suddenly shrunk over the summer...either that or Heidi is right...they are weeds.

Mini Me's Room said...

that is insane!! we start on the second of September!!! I actually really like going school shopping.

It's kinda my "tradition" To pack my backpack the night before,it feels more official =)

Good luck :)

bosqeaux said...

i dig the skulls... tee-hee-hee...

12-arrows said...

the south sure starts school early, we start the Tuesday after Labor Day. We are gearing up for it already as by mid-August everything here is totally picked over and the schools supplies have greatly dwindled. Unfortunately the teachers don't send home a list until the week before school so you have to pretty much guess at the supplies they need. Its crazy, its expensive, its ridiculous.

My kids, too, have grown like weeds over the summer. Especially my younger ones. Just bagged up a bunch of clothes to give away that are too small.

gerbmom said...

ha ha, my "poor" college student has learned to shop at Good Will. She actually got an awesome pair of soft wool pants in black for $2.99! :)
Much better than back to school last year!!!

aem said...

we get to do this soon and i'm dreading it. the stores start stocking all their fall/winter stuff for back to school, forgetting that it's TEXAS and we'll be in the 90's through september at least. joy.

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