Thursday, May 01, 2008

This is Sidney

 This is my dog, Sidney. She is a border-collie/lab mix and she was honestly and truly named for Sidney Bristow from the tv show ALIAS because I had a girl-crush on Jennifer Garner and Robb said he would never let me name a kid "Sidney."

Sid was purchased at a pet store in Lansing, MI. We originally went to the pet store to look for a turtle.

We had a border collie when I was a kid, and that's why I thought she would be a great dog for the kids, especially Vinny. The girls like Sid, but Vinny takes pretty much no notice of her. 
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Sid's primary occupations are: growling at kids who don't use the doorbell, barking at people who DO use the doorbell, chasing cats and birds and anything else that moves, watching TV with us, and cleaning up my floors. Because she was bred for herding, she fully believes that all children must be rounded up and nipped a bit to keep them in line. Which is why we don't much let her out around other kids. Adults, on the other hand, should be welcomed with kisses anywhere she can plant one...preferably hands and face.

Sid enjoys riding in cars, eating peanut butter out of the jar, swimming and playing frisbee in equal amounts. She seldom gets to do any of these things.

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Sid is also a big fan of sleeping on things...anything that smells new, belongs to the children, or has been freshly dug up. 
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Sid sleeps in our room and makes funny noises when she yawns.

Until a month or two ago, Sid leaked urine in her sleep due to a hormone imbalance brought on by being spayed. Now she takes a pill everyday that helps her to hold it, even when she's sleeping. I toyed with giving this medication to Charleigh. I'm kidding! Sort of. Now, when we remember to give her the pill, she does much better. Sid. Not Charleigh. She did better when we said we just weren't going to buy pull-ups anymore. But that's another topic...

Sid responds to handful of commands. Sit. You're not going. Let's go to bed.
She also follows my gist when I point at something. I find this pretty interesting. She is smart enough to learn a lot more but I'm too busy trying to make sure my kids have manners, so that's about it. Lately, she has been ignoring me when I call her but that is probably because there is a cat next door that she feels it is her duty to chase whenever we are dumb enough to leave the front door open. She runs after it, and it scratches her, and we offer her a piece of pepperoni if she'll just come home and not kill the cat and get us sued. It's a fun game. I really love it.

And one other thing. I love that dumb dog. So now you know.

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Amy said...

Hmmm...hormonal imbalance; maybe that's my problem too. :)

Do they have a pill that will help with peeing your pants when you laugh too hard?

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