Friday, May 02, 2008

Mom, are you gonna put this on your blog?

"Yes, honey. Don't you want Nana and Mars to see your scooter wreck? They will give you more sympathy than me."

Mattie pipes up hopefully, "Maybe they'll send you presents!"

"Okay, you can take the picture." he manages between sobs.

*Disclaimer- Grandmas, you don't need to send presents. A little sympathy wouldn't hurt though, or bandaids, at least.
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A said...

Apple didn't fall too far from his mom's tree, did it? Is his scooter totaled?

tammi said...


That might leave a bit of a scar...doesn't he know that men with facial scars are considered hot? The ladies will REALLY be after him now.
Watch out tony hawke....

NaNa said...

Oh my Yerd! That looks just are a handsome little dickens, though.

...dumb question...but my Dad always used to ask....Did you hurt the sidewalk?
I love you!

12-arrows said...

AWE. . . .is this the first wreck of the season? Poor kid, he sure got his face scrapped up!

klasieprof said...

um...i take it the scooter didn't come with a helmet?

Reminds me of when W. Was about 4, walking down sidewalk in ALMA....with hands in his pants, Tripped, and took a face plant. NASTY business. makes me pucker..."If you know what I mean" as W. would say.

H said...

some might call your family..... accident prone.

klasieprof said...

I just had to come back here and see if the pics were as bad as I first thought...and yep...they are...OUCH!!!


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