Tuesday, April 29, 2008

How Many Do You Have????

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H said...

Ness- the real question you should ask is not "how many do you have?" But rather "how much did you pay for each pair?" I'm guessing (no matter the designer or level of fabulousness) that you didn't pay more than $2.00 for any pair in your whole collection. HMMMMMM?

tammi said...

In high school I had over 60 pair...I was an addict.
Now I have maybe....15? But I only wear 4 on average rotation.:)

12-arrows said...


Amy said...

Mine are just thrown in the bottom of the closet and I'm too tired to count them.

I am not much of a shoe person--mostly just practical shoes: brown, black, gray, tennies and a few sandals.

That was...until a new Goodwill opened up down the stree and someone who wears my size drops off shoes all the time in brands I've never heard. I come home and look them up and most of them are 100's of dollars!!!! I've bought about four or five pair of those in the past six months for only $4 a pair. OMG.

That reminds me, I haven't been there this week; oh my goodness!

They're all Italian-made leather shoes and they are SOOOO comfortable.

Well, enough gloating. How many pair fit into that organizer? Is that from Walmart?

Amy said...

BTW, sorry about your car. That sucks.

Glad you're all fairly okay. You know, those Jeeps are notorious for flipping if you take a corner too fast, etc. or when hydroplaning. :0)

verification: uawtjdw (united auto workers, this jeep doesn't work)

It's what happens when you're up too late.

ness said...

amy, you crack me up.

up until about five years ago, all my shoes were from payless shoes or walmart.

And then by chance, one day i discovered Salvatore Ferragamo...(in a thrift store of course, for about 4 dollars) and my life was forever altered.

Last night I wore a pair of red patent leather and suede kitten heels. Who needs diamonds when my feet look so damn great?

Ron said...

Hey! Those brown, leather flats are mine!!! I've been looking all over for them. Do you know how hard it is to find those in a size 13? I'm telling mom!

Anonymous said...

ok, I have 14 pairs. All from walmart or payless. Except my brown leather cowboy boots from the bootbox.....yee-haw!!

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