Saturday, April 19, 2008

Take Me out to the Ballgame!

Well thanks to A, we got to go to a Razorbacks' baseball game today. As you can see, the day couldn't have been more perfect for a couple of hours rooting for the Hogs. They pulled out thee win in an extra inning against the Tennessee Vols. Pig Soooo-ie! 
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akr said...

so much fun! those are the memories they won't forget!

weather wise we have had the craziest weather. sometimes it is 20 degrees in the morning and in the 70's by afternoon. we sort of skipped over spring for the week but i'm sure it will change. it's harder to adjust with the drastic changes.

Mini Me's Room said...

I hear ya! Here in Michigan we almost never have weather that's just right except on summer nights... when it's like 65 degrees.I love and enjoy those nights, and then it's over before any of us stop to think how wonderful and beautiful it is. I repeat...I love summer nights.

klasieprof said...

aren't "Free" events the Whack???? the incidentals are enough to kill ya. Pic's are GREAT.

how weird is THAT?

lori said...

Looks like fun, I truly need a break like that!

ness said...

we hade so much fun mattie

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